Germany: Populist AfD Party Hires US Ad Agency Which Helped Trump Win the Election

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 1, 2017

I do prefer bikinis to burkas. I identify with this.

Yes, yeeeeeees, young AfD, feel the power of edginess coursing through your veins.

You will come to understand the true power of the shitlord side of the force.

Imagine what you could accomplish, if you stopped constantly being on the defensive about being racists and Nazis, and instead went on the attack.

You’ve already taken the first step. Now, give yourself over to the edge.

Spiegel Online:

For several days now, many Facebook and Twitter users in Germany have been confronted with a disturbing image on their profile pages: It shows bloody tire tracks running across the screen, reminiscent of the ones left by Islamic State terrorists in several European cities. It is accompanied by the slogan: “The tracks left by the world chancellor in Europe.”


Angela Merkel as a terrorist — that’s the motif that the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has chosen to launch the internet portion of its campaign leading up to national parliamentary elections on Sept. 24. The right-wing populists plan to spend a large part of their 3-million-euro budget on similar publicity offenses. The party is planning a digital campaign that may well be more drastic and aggressive than anything German voters have ever seen.

The party’s election posters, designed by advertising professional and prize-winning scandal author Thor Kunkel, have already stood out from those of other parties. One shows the belly of a pregnant white woman with the slogan, “New Germans? We’ll make them ourselves,” a reference to the party’s rejection of immigrants in the country. Yet another shows a piglet with the words: “Islam? It doesn’t fit in with our cuisine.” Finally, the one getting perhaps the most attention states, “Burkas? We prefer bikinis.”

I would have preferred a wheat field tbh, but this’ll have to do.

But now the AfD, which has always been an internet-savvy party that likes to use the medium to bypass the mainstream media and communicate its messages directly to its fans, has had enough of dead-tree media. It intends to rely heavily on the web as it enters the last, intense phase of the campaign.

To assist in its efforts, the party has tapped Kunkel’s contacts to engage the services of advertising professionals in the United States with experience on the right-wing spectrum. The party is working together with the Texas-based agency Harris Media, which recently presented its plans to the AfD’s national committee. With its provocative and aggressive campaigns, the agency has already contributed to the success of a number of controversial politicians. In Britain, it worked with the anti-EU UKIP party; in Israel, it worked with the governing Likud party; and in the United States, news agency Bloomberg has dubbed company founder Vincent Harris “the man who invented the Republican internet.”

Trump’s team even engaged the agency for projects, with Vincent Harris telling Trump’s favorite media site, Breitbart, “we’re going to hopefully keep doing stuff for them in the future.”

Yeah, this is one of the things they did for Trump:

Bretty good stuff. Germans need a shock treatment.

It’s about time that European populist politicians finally learned something from the Trump campaign. Moderation doesn’t work, as a strategy. You need to be unapologetic. You need to attack your enemies relentlessly, without holding back anything.

“Merkel is a terrorist” is a good meme, especially since it’s true.

Germany is a totalitarian police state in which all dissent is brutally punished. Germans definitely live in terror of being “politically incorrect,” since they can regularly read in the news that people get their doors kicked in during the night by the secret police for posting things on Facebook that Merkel doesn’t like.

Will the Germans free themselves, or will they vote to keep their tormentor in power?

We’ll see.