Germany: Police Criticized for Giving Descriptions of Gang Rapists

This makes me so sad…

Sure, gang-rape is a crime.

But do you know what the real crime is?

Talking about the race of the people who do it.


Police in the German city of Leipzig have come under fire after describing three suspects involved in an alleged gang rape case as having an “Arab phenotype”.

The case relates to an incident that took place on June 8th between 7:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. and saw a woman sexually assaulted and raped by three men near the city’s Central Station but did not report the incident to police for several weeks.

So far the perpetrators in the case have yet to be identified, and so the police reached out to the public for help to arrest the three men accused of raping the woman, said to be in her thirties, German magazine Focus reports.

According to the magazine, which repeated detailed descriptions of the three men, social media users, particularly on Twitter, slammed the police for using the term “Arabic phenotype” to describe the suspects in the case.

Police also told the magazine that they have seen a surge of xenophobic comments relating to the case, primarily on Facebook, commenting on the police post, many of which the police’s social media team have hidden.


While police have countered alleged xenophobic remarks on social media, they claim they have yet to receive any meaningful leads in the case that would help them positively identify the three men.

If the media says “these gang-rapists are all immigrants,” people will think that all the gang-rapists are immigrants.

Do you know what that’s called?


The color of the skin has nothing to do with gang-rapists, and if all of the gang-rapists are immigrants, that’s just because they don’t have a good education. They were deprived of education by the Crusades – and the Holocaust and slavery didn’t help them much either.

White men might not commit gang-rapes, but they are responsible for it, because they deprived these victimized POCs of education.