Germany: Police Ban Anti-Islam Rally Planned in Hanover

Daily Slave
November 15, 2014

A group of Angry Germans shown here demanding that Muslims be deported from their nation.

The German people are angry and want Muslims out of their country.  A previous protest in Cologne by enraged football fans and German nationalists let the ruling establishment know that the German people are not happy with the current situation.

As a result of this protest, the German police have decided to ban a planned anti-Islam rally in Hanover claiming a lack of authentic political motivation for such a rally.

What type of nonsense is this?  People gathering to protest their country being invaded by a bunch of Muslims is without question an authentic political issue.  The Jew controlled puppets in the German government from Angela Merkel on down just don’t want to deal with people angrily protesting their insane anti-German, pro-Jew policies.

Let’s hope this protest goes on despite the ban.  It very well could considering how angry the previous protesters in Cologne were.

Here’s a blurb from the German press going into more detail about the rally ban.


Police in Hanover have announced that a demonstration planned for this Saturday of “Europe against the terror of Islamism” will be prohibited, citing a lack of authentic political motivation for the gathering.

“We are not convinced that the demonstration will serve the expression of opinion,” said a statement from the Hanover police, adding that the “dominant majority is seeking violent confrontation.”

The justification for the ban, a rare occurrence in Germany, derives partly from the events in Cologne on October 26. A similar anti-Islamist demonstration, this time of “Hooligans against Salafists,” escalated out of control resulting in 49 police injuries and more than a dozen arrests.

Over 4,000 people from Germany’s right-wing scene, including soccer hooligans loyal to a number of German teams, but also right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis, showed up. Police had expected a turnout of only 1,500.