Germany: People Who Want Assisted Suicide Must Present Proof of Coronavirus Vaccination

I’m struggling to grasp the implications here.

If you want to die, you have to be protected against the deadly virus?


Anyone wishing to be euthanized now has to first present proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid, as per the new guidelines issued by Germany’s euthanasia association.

A statement put out by the Hamburg-based group on Friday reads “assisted suicide and the preliminary examination of a patient’s ability to make decisions freely implies physical closeness between people. However, that is precisely the precondition for the spread of Covid.”

I guess the person wanting to commit suicide might get lucky with the deadly virus protection, and it will save them money on the suicide injection.

Lots of people have been getting lucky and dying as a result of this life-saving vaccine.

Those aren’t even the real numbers. The VAERS system is horrible and doesn’t record hardly anything.