Germany: People Attack Cops with Rocks and Ironbars for Enforcing Social Distancing

Anti-quarantine riot! In Germany!

We hope it was a Chaos Bringer style Germanic uprising using iron bars and rocks.

Though it does sound like the work of vibrants. The fact that no photos were released also indicates as much.

But nevertheless, this is a good thing.

Lockdowns are destroying people’s lives on a bigger scale than this coronavirus could ever achieve.

From psychological problems arising as a result of the isolation and loss of jobs, to mass surveillance measures pushed by governments to allegedly save lives —  when it comes to this fake pandemic, it’s clear that the cure is worse than the disease.

Daily Mail:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing pressure to ease the lockdown and reopen schools as the number of new coronavirus cases and deaths in the country continues to fall.

Germany reported 2,537 new cases today marking the third consecutive day of decline.

The country saw 4,133 new diagnoses on Saturday and 2,821 on Sunday with the total number of infected now hitting 123,016.  The death toll is also on its third day of decline after it rose by 126 to 2,799.

The declining figures come amid shocking reports that groups of thugs attacked German police with iron bars and threw stones when the officers tried to disperse them.

Merkel, who has urged a cautious approach to any loosening of restrictions, will hold a video conference on Wednesday after the governor of the state with the most infections called for a ‘road map’ to return to normality.

Over the weekend, Germany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn had already cued up a phased easing of restrictions that may vary by region.

He did not specify which sectors in Europe’s largest economy could first see loosened restrictions.

It comes amid reports that groups of thugs attacked German police when the officers tried to disperse them.

The groups were breaking Germany’s strict lockdown rules in Frankfurt on Friday and are said to have used iron bars to attack cops who came to enforce social distancing rules.

One group member broke the window of a police car after throwing a stone at it when an officer got out to ask them to leave.

Another group of 20 attacked an officer just moments later while wielding stones, roof tiles and iron bars, Deutsche Welle reported.

That indeed sounds like the actions of vibrants, but at least someone there is resisting the stupid lockdown.

If Merkel extends the lockdown even further, that kind of incident will become even more common.

It’s just every dystopian science fiction film you’ve ever seen, all coming to life like a creature rising up out of a swamp.