Germany: Outrage as Nazi is Unanimously Elected Town Council Leader

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2019

Stefan Jagsch, newly-elected council leader in Waldsiedlung

Talking so much about the Holocaust sometimes has the unintended effect of making people want to do a real one for a change.


The unanimous election of a neo-Nazi politician in Germany as the head of a town council has sparked outrage among senior political figures and calls to have the decision reversed.

A political storm is brewing after Stefan Jagsch of the far right-wing extremist National Democratic Party (NDP) became council leader for the small town of Waldsiedlung, in the district of Altenstadt, 30 kilometres (18 miles) north-east of Frankfurt, on Thursday.

Around 2,500 people live in Waldsiedlung.

On his Facebook page, Jagsch said he will “support the interests of our district” to “work constructively with everyone and across parties,” adding “from the people, for the people!”.

What does he mean “support the interests of our district“? What does he mean “our”?? White people, especially Germans, own nothing because they’re evil and have to pay for their past and present evils, so what he’s really talking about here is TAKING the stuff that rightfully belongs to the Fruit Fly People and to the People of Color after they endured so much of the white man’s unbridled colonialism and Holocaust-inducing evil.

Also, what does he mean “from the people, for the people“!?? White people have to work for the benefits of OTHERS and pay for crying brown bearded refugee children!!!!

Refugee toddlers

It is the only way to atone for being the reason others suffer.

Local reports say he was appointed by seven council members including representatives from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), plus junior coalition member Social Democratic Party (SPD) and business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP).

Jagsch was elected because there was no alternative candidate, “the NPD candidate filled the vacuum,” Markus Brando, SPD chairman for Altenstadt admitted to local paper Merkur.

Jagsch’s main task will be to lead the council in all important matters concerning the local district.

By Sunday, there were outraged calls from across Germany for the decision to be reversed.

– ‘Nazis! Never!‘ –

The SPD has a very clear position: we do not co-operate with Nazis! Never!” the party’s general secretary Lars Klingbeil tweeted Saturday.

That’s right! Nazis! Nazis Never Again!

Not even once more! Never!

The CDU’s general secretary Paul Ziemiak also demanded the decision be overturned.

I’m shocked. The election of a member of a party which pursues anti-constitutional goals is a disgrace,” Ziemiak told Monday’s edition of Bild.

“I expect this decision to be corrected.”

That’s right! This piece of paper right here says “white people bad, white people pay” and so we must defend the constitution because we operate based on slogans and ideals — not based on people.

Peter Tauber, a CDU member of Germany’s lower parliament for Hesse, the state in which Waldsiedlung is located, threatened action against those who elected Jagsch.

Whoever lacks the political and moral compass and, as a democrat, makes such an irresponsible election decision can not be accepted in the CDU,” Tauber tweeted on Saturday.

“The election of an NPD politician as local leader in Altenstadt with assistance from CDU” members “horrifies me,” he added.

If you ever wondered just how evil Nazis are, consider that Nazis are still horrifying people today after all these decades. That’s how evil they are.

To correct this, the most obvious solution is to get more Holocaust fan fiction erotica movies out.