Germany: Outrage After Female Cop is Found to be a Romantic Admirer of Botched Synagogue Shooter

This is that faggot who tried to break into a synagogue and failed, then ended up killing two random (ethnic, natural) Germans for no reason.

I obviously don’t support shooting up synagogues, but I understand why someone would do it, and I’m not going to call someone who does it a psychopath or an evil person.

But someone who decides to just shoot random people on the street is irredeemable trash.


A female police officer allegedly wrote fawning letters to the imprisoned gunman who attempted to attack a synagogue in Halle, Germany on Yom Kippur in 2019.

The unnamed officer, a police commissioner in the Dessau-Roßlau district, has been suspended pending a further investigation, according to the German news agency DPA. The gunman, Stephan Balliet, is currently serving a life sentence for the attack, in which he killed two people near the synagogue.

Tamara Zieschang, interior minister for the state of Saxony Anhalt, where Halle is located, said she would provide the state legislature with details on the case this week. According to German news reports, the officer had no connection to the arrest of Balliet and was not guarding him, nor was she ever involved in investigations into hate crimes or the protection of Jewish institutions.

She reportedly wrote admiring letters over a period of months to the right-wing extremist, expressing sympathy for his crime. The case came to light after colleagues overheard the commissioner express admiration for Balliet, and reported it to their supervisors.

More than 10 letters from the officer were found in his prison cell; she reportedly had used a pseudonym, which was why prison officials had not noticed them earlier. Other correspondence he received is now being reviewed.

Yeah – they didn’t investigate a few love letters in an endless pile of love letters, which every single person who commits any kind of random, extreme murder receives, without exception.

I don’t think Charles Manson actually killed anyone (article here), but he is nonetheless the most famous “serial killer” ever, and he’s definitely insane. He married a woman more than fifty years younger than him, after decades of visits from women.

Whenever this pops up in the media, they do the whole “this is so shocking because no one could have expected it” bit, but in fact, it’s a well-established phenomenon. Look up any serial killer.

If anyone tells you:

You are just against feminism because women aren’t attracted to you

Then you need to reply:

I could have a legion of women begging for my dick, the only thing I’d have to do is murder some random people. I’m against feminism because liberated women are human garbage.

Seriously – there is no single mass murderer or serial killer that doesn’t have an army of women writing love letters to him. There is something about murder that women respond to in the same way that men respond to big tits.

Why would you allow women to make sexual decisions when you have all of the data about the kinds of sexual decisions they make?

Well, the only conceivable reason is that you are driven by ideology, and you are unfazed by the outcomes the ideology creates. It’s no different than the conservatives with their support of private companies stripping people of their Constitutional rights.

No one who promotes ideology is even a remotely serious person, because the basic nature of ideology is that it does not ever create positive outcomes for anyone other than Jews – who invented the concept of ideology and used it to replace religion and philosophy as the driving intellectual concepts behind social organization. There is no religion or philosophy that does not have the primary goal of shaping outcomes, and there is no ideology that considers them.

Yet, somehow, our society is at the point where it is not about whether or not you believe in ideology, but instead, which ideology you believe in.

We are constantly bombarded with “the end doesn’t justify the means” – a statement, that like everything else in our intellectual concepts, has no direct practical implications. In the real world, we now live in a society where the means justifies the end, and the justification of the means is based on meaningless abstractions.