Germany: Osama bin Laden’s Former Bodyguard Living Off Welfare, Can’t be Deported Because It Would be Mean

Daily Stormer
May 3, 2018

“Look goyim, LaShaqueefa is protecting you from terrorists!”

The governments of Europe and north America are constantly finding new ways to combat terrorism – spying on White people’s phones and computers, arresting White people for promoting “hate” on social media sites, having White people groped on airports by fat clinically retarded monkeys, and so on and so forth…

But for (((some reason))) actually physically keeping the actual terrorists out is a big no-no.

Because that would be mean to brown people.

And you can’t be mean to brown people in CURRENT YEAR.

Not even if they want to kill you.


A FORMER bodyguard of mass killer Osama bin Laden is being supported to live free in Germany at a cost to taxpayers of over £1,000 per month. Although classified as dangerous and forced to report to police every day, authorities claim Sami A. cannot be sent back to his Tunisian homeland because the risk of torture would be too high.

Why would you give a shit if they’re gonna torture him?

Or an even better question – why aren’t you torturing him yourselves?

He has already had his asylum application rejected by Germany and handed a deportation order.

But the 42-year-old, who travelled to Afghanistan in the late 1990s to become a bodyguard for the architect of the 9/11 attacks, continues to stay in Germany after a court ruled he could face torture if deported.

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia admitted it pays €1167,84 a month to him, his wife and their four children aged between four and 11.

Oh goody, it’s breeding too!

4 spawn and counting…

The world needs more clinically retarded monkeys who want to kill the humans feeding them.

 The admission in the regional parliament came after a question was posed by the the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

They didn’t even bother telling anyone about it…

News of the financial support he receives caused an instant storm.

Eckhardt Rehberg of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling CDU, the party’s budget chief, said: “The German asylum law is being shamelessly exploited here. We must finance a terrorist with tax money because we must not deport him? I have no understanding of these court rulings. “

I understand them either, but I do understand why they’re happening: You let women be judges, lawmakers and even chancellors.

“It’s sad cuz he’s brown”

There’s a good reason the people who came up with democracy in the first place didn’t let women vote.

Since no other country has shown willingness to take in the Tunisian, it now seems he will remain in Germany indefinitely – even though security services still consider Sami A. to be a dangerous and central member of the Islamist scene in the country and have had him under observation since at least 2006.

So you’ve been staring at him for 12 years and you did absolutely nothing?

How hard could it have been to make sure this thing had an “accident?”

Also, notice that he’s been there  since at least 2006, and his oldest kid is 11, so they were all born in Germany.

And you know what that means, right?

Exactly – it means they’re just as German as  pickled cow tongue, and to say otherwise makes you full of hatred and could potentially send you to prison.

That such a man is allowed to stay in Germany is a punch in the face to all anti-terror investigators.

Try punching back once in a while, it might help.

The ban on deportations to Tunisia was lifted two years ago. But officials still feel that such a close ally of bin Laden would run the risk of imprisonment, torture and death.


Sami A. came to Germany as a student in 1997 before opting to become a Jihadist and traveling to Afghanistan where he trained in a terror camp before becoming a bodyguard to bin Laden.

The Supreme Court blocked his deportation despite judges in Münster branding him “an acute and considerable danger for public security”.

Yeah, but look at the bright side.

Did anyone accuse them of being RACIST?


Then who’s really winning here?