Germany: Only 32% Believe Government Covid Figures

I’d like to see some polls on how many people believe the virus actually exists.

I want the poll question framed correctly:

“Would you describe the coronavirus as a uniquely dangerous illness or effectively a version of the flu?”

But yeah, Germany must have some ethics department that they’re allowed to do this kind of polling: latest polls show that only 32% of the population believes the government’s coronavirus figures. The other 68% either believe they are lying or don’t know if they’re lying. 57% said explicitly that the government is lying.

So: why would the government be lying about virus numbers?

What possible incentive could they have beyond using fear to control the population?

Then: what possible ends could they have in using fear to control the population?

If you’re trying to create a joyful democratic project where everyone is equal and has equal rights and representation and everything is just holding hands and singing like on that Disney World ride “It’s a Small World,” then there isn’t really any incentive to purposefully incite your population with terror.

Is there?

Using organized medical fraud to inflict terror and tyrannical measures of control on your population doesn’t really jive with “thriving democracy” as it’s been sold to us.

Yes, I imagine the majority of the population would describe Germany as a “thriving democracy” and, at the same time, think there is a thriving campaign of organized terror against them.