Germany: NPD Mayoral Candidate Vows to Get Rid of Arabic… Numerals?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 2, 2017

NPD is the furthest right party in Germany. Much further right than AfD. They go as far as they’re legally allowed.

However, this… this is unfortunate.


A mayoral candidate for the far-right, anti-immigrant NPD party promised to get rid of Arabic numerals if elected, German media reported Friday.

Otfried Best, who is hoping to become mayor of Völklingen, near the French border, was asked by a member of Die Partei, a satirical party, during a debate earlier this week what he thought of Arabic numerals used in the town, Stern magazine reported.

“Mr. Best … I find it alarming that in Völklingen many house numbers are displayed in Arabic numerals. How would you like to take action against this creeping foreigner infiltration?” asked the Die Partei politician.

The audience cheered and laughed, but Stern reported that Best gave a serious answer: “You just wait until I am mayor. I will change that. Then there will be normal numbers.”

For those who do not know, “Arabic” numerals are normal numbers.

The story of that is long, but no, they weren’t invented by Arabs, but rather pre-Islamic people who lived in the central/west Asian region.

This was obviously intended to mock the candidate. Though it is somewhat bothersome that he didn’t understand what was happening, and then the Jews are able to report this as such.

There is some truth to the unfortunate fact that more intelligent people prefer to get along with the mainstream of society, and that this is at the root of our problems.

The reason I am #DownByTheSystem is that I am the first reasonably intelligent person who had the nerve to do vulgar anti-Semitic propaganda in the modern era. People love this sort of thing that I do, which is why I do it. But most intelligent people would prefer a more “academic” approach to this discussion.

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