Germany Now has a Meme Military, Using Broomsticks Instead of Guns

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2018

That’s… wow.

If you’re gonna be a meme country, might as well have a meme military as well.

I guess the treasonous German government is nervous about having actual German soldiers with weapons, so they’re waiting until their entire military is staffed with Moslems before they start arming them.

Why not? After all, they’ve got America paying for their national security in the meantime.

The Sun:

GERMANY’S military is so underfunded its troops used BROOMSTICKS painted black as mock weapons during a Nato defence exercise.

But the highly embarrassing episode, revealed in a leaked report, is just the beginning of the country’s woes as it fights to reverse chronic army shortages.

It comes as Donald Trump has vowed to make Chancellor Angela Merkel increase her defence spending to reach the minimum spending obligations all Nato members must adhere to.

It’s not just that Germany is “under-funding” NATO; they’re neglecting their military to the point where it’s completely useless.

At this point, the average White American family could probably just take over the country.

General Harald Kujat, a former chief of staff of the German armed forces, later described it as a “huge embarrassment”.

The unit was supposed to be ready to deploy whenever a Nato member was threatened, he warned.

He added: “If that is not the case, then both for Nato, and for the Federal Republic of Germany, this is a huge embarrassment,” The Telegraph reported.

Yes, Germany, your military is a joke.

And coming from America, that’s saying a lot.

In 2015 it also emerged the German military was using ordinary civilian Mercedes vans as stand-ins for armoured personnel carriers.

And The Times today reports all six of the country’s submarines were recently put out of service at the same time due to various repairs.

Andreas Krause, the German navy’s inspector, said: “It does not frustrate me but it is very annoying.

“At the same time I say that this unfortunate development is the inevitable consequence of the last 25 years.

“Extreme savings were made on spare parts procurement and capacities in naval shipbuilding were shut down.”

The paper added that there have been times recently when the country has not a single A400M transport plane available for use.

And in May the Luftwaffe had only four Eurofighter jets available from a total of 128 because of missile and coolant shortages.

No guns, no trucks, no planes, no submarines…


To think that just 70 years ago, Germany had one of the most powerful armies in the world.

They had nearly the entire world against them, and held their own remarkably well.

But I guess demoralizing them for decades with holohoax guilt-tripping isn’t enough to satiate the Jew’s thirst for revenge against Germany. They need to further humiliate them by forcing them to have a ridiculous meme military force.

Well, not anymore. With Trump applying pressure, either Merkel starts rebuilding the Wehrmacht, or they can just get invaded by Russia for all we care.