Germany: New Restrictions on Purebloods in Preparation for Dark Winter

Austria just went full-lunatic, locking down all of the unvaxed.

Germany is doing something similar now.

Voice of America:

Germany’s capital, Berlin, joined several German states Monday in limiting access to restaurants, cinemas, museums and concert venues to only people who have been vaccinated or recently recovered, as new COVID-19 cases continue to surge.

The country’s infectious disease control center, the Robert Koch Institute, reported Monday that the country’s number of new cases per 100,000 residents in the past seven days climbed to 303, the first time the rate climbed over 300 since the pandemic began. The record comes just one week since an unprecedented jump to over 200 new cases per 100,000 residents.

Only 67.5% of the German population is fully vaccinated. The highly contagious delta variant has run rampant through the unvaccinated population as the temperature drops and people stay indoors.

The German parliament is scheduled to vote Thursday on a new legal framework for COVID-19 restrictions drawn up by the three parties expected to make up the nation’s next ruling coalition — the Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Free Democrats. The plans are reportedly being strengthened to allow for more strict contact restrictions than originally planned.

The coalition, which hopes to finalize its formation and take office early next month, is also expected to introduce a vaccine mandate in some areas, a step that officials have so far resisted.

Notice that they are not talking about deaths, but simply positive PCR tests. Deaths are hard to fake, while PCR tests fake themselves. The reason there are more positive tests is that more people are taking the tests.

Of course, in the winter, it is likely that huge numbers of the vaxed will start dying, as the vax has destroyed their immune systems, and they will die from very simple seasonal infections.

Whatever happens, no one can argue that any of this is ending.

Australia is still a madhouse. Europe is beginning to go nuts. Joe Biden is firing everyone and high level US officials are coming out and talking about more severe punishments for the population.

No one even argues seriously that this is about a virus anymore. They are dropping the facade, and letting it slip that this is simply about forcing the population to comply with surrendering their bodily autonomy to the government.

Germany claims that Adolf Hitler was evil because he destroyed freedoms. Well, he never did anything like this. He never did anything close to this.

We should have allowed Adolf Hitler to solve these problems instead of complaining about him and starting a war with him.

Big, dumb mistake.