Germany: Neo-Nazi Feminist Magazine Admits Rapefugees are Rapey

Daily Stormer
July 20, 2019

Some womyn are starting to get concerned about the Moslem invasion of Europe – because it might affect their comforts of course, not out of care for civilization or loyalty to their kind or anything like that.


While police and other authorities have been hesitant to blame migrants for pool sex assaults, one German feminist magazine has published an article admitting most assaults are carried out by them.

The article, published by Cologne-based feminist magazine Emma, admitted that young migrant men were responsible for the majority of sex attacks in outdoor pools across the country.

I looked at that magazine expecting it to be founded and run by a Jewess, but all I found was an ugly dyke, which is essentially the same thing but without the money-management skills.

As a general rule, anything that is bad for society is supported by upwards of 95% of faggots and upwards of 100% of lesbians.

“Women are massively harassed by migrants. Swimming champions are abused. In addition, there is a high degree of violence and the lack of any respect! An outdoor swimming pool should be a place of recreation and not a place of horror!” president of the Federal Association of German Swimming Champions Peter Harzheim told the magazine.

“Since 2015 there are problems in our baths with young migrants. It was a slow process. In the meantime, the impression prevails that only young Arab-born men can dare to go to the outdoor pool,” Harzheim added.

According to the police of North Rhine-Westphalia, where the majority of sex attacks in outdoor pools are said to occur, most perpetrators are “young men of North African, Arab, and Turkish origin”.

The magazine goes on to assert that women and even young girls are often harassed by migrant men claiming they are often fondled by them underwater, have their bikinis pulled down or are molested and filmed while in the pool’s showers.

Maybe women shouldn’t have helped the Jews bring them in in the first place, eh?

Merkel might look like a bulldog, but she’s actually a woman.

It never occurred to them that there’s a reason the shitholes these “people” come from are shitholes for a reason.

Some pools have attempted to alleviate the issues of sex attacks by banning migrants from the pools, but such bans have been overturned after being met with outrage from leftist groups.

Fun fact: leftist groups are feminist, but also support policies that get women raped.

It sounds stupid, but it makes perfect sense when you realize their only goal is destroying White people.

“We need more backing from the police and also from politicians. These rioters must be cracked harder. Those who do not mention the problem by name, only aggravate it!” Harzheim said.

So you’re expecting the people who caused this in the first place and are actively trying to cover it up to do something about it, huh?


The good news is that there actually are men in Germany who can do something about it.

The bad news is that strong, independent womyn and cucks are stopping them from doing it.

Just get out of the way, and the problem can be solved.