Germany: Moslems Form Islamic Terrorist Biker Gang to Terrorize the Native Population – Enrichful?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2017

For a long time, the Jews told us that the Islamics coming into Europe would “assimilate” to our culture, and learn to behave themselves, giving up their ties to their homeland including their religion. We’d all just be a bunch of happy colorless atheists, singing “we are the world” together.

Over the last decade or so – really the last 5 years – they have switched up the story, and are now saying things like “Islam has always been a part of Germany” and tell us we have to learn to live along side Islam.

The problem with that though is that Islam does not want to live beside us. It is a totalitarian ideology, and only allows non-Moslems in its societies if they are subservient to the Islamic rulers.

This creates a situation where with increasing numbers of Moslems – Germany will have 25% of their population Moslem by 2020 – these Moslems are increasingly agitating for a takeover of the levers of power in society. During this process of takeover – which will be successful, assuming no outside force intervenes – the violence will increase. There is no level of police state that can stop that from happening.

As they continue to ratchet-up the violence, police will be less and less capable of dealing with it, which will enable them to further ratchet-up the violence.

Daily Caller:

Fundamentalist Islamic leaders have formed a biker gang in Germany modeled after the Hells Angels to protect Muslims from a perceived growth of hatred toward Islam.

The gang, known as Germany’s Muslims, formed in May under the leadership of Marcel Kunst, a German convert who changed his name to Mahmud Salam, according to Gatestone Institute (GI) Monday.

German authorities identified several of the gang’s senior leaders, in addition to Kunst, as Salafists, including a gang “sergeant” who was detained by police July 2 during the Tour de France when the race passed through Mönchengladbach, where the gang was founded. Police issued a warning to the gang’s leadership that vigilanteism would not be tolerated.

“So far, we have no evidence that they are a danger, but we are keeping our eyes on them,” said Isabella Hannen, spokeswoman for the Mönchengladbach Police Department, to Die Welt.

The gang has been viewed with heavy suspicion by locals in light of Islamic vigilante groups who posed a threat to German communities over recent years, according to GI.


Germans and the French and quite possibly the British are beyond help at this point. They are aggressively demanding their own destruction. Le Pen – very moderate, she was – lost by 2/3rds. Merkel is going to win another term next month.

Saying “eventually they’ll wake up when things get bad enough” isn’t being optimistic, it’s just being a little baby. There are zero signs that will happen, with everything pointing to it not happening.

The one thing that could make it happen – a charismatic leader – is impossible, because of laws outlawing virtually all forms of speech.

The only possibility is if something happens in America – if Trump leads to something more extreme – leading to a liberation of Europe. And that is possible. Well within the realm of possibility. But by that time, Western Europe will already be basically under total occupation by Islam.

So if I were you, and I lived in one of these countries, I would get out. You can go to Eastern Europe, or you can go to a third world country (I DO NOT recommend Nigeria), but there is nothing good for you in the West and there won’t be any time soon.

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