Germany: Moslems Attack Town Nightclub, Attempt to Hack White Bouncer with Machete

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2019

Moslems attacking people with machetes is one thing.

But transforming the old building above into a nightclub called “Kulti”?

These Germans have crossed the line.

Bild (Translation):

The tower of the Trebbiner Schützenhaus (built in 1911) is reminiscent of a medieval fortress. In fact, the listed oak door had to withstand a machete attack last weekend.

At around 10:00 pm on Saturday, two rejected guests pulled a gun in front of the walled village disco “Kulti” and tried to stab them bouncer Tom * (25) in the neck.

Tom barely managed to fend off a blow with the jacket-protected forearm and slammed the door from the inside. He and three of his colleagues pressed against it with all their might.

As if out of sorts, two men hacked at the wood from outside with their machetes. Washers in the door were broken, Guest V. (25) got splinters in the eye, had to go to the emergency room.

Tom, who fended off the attack, said to BILD: “There came a troop of ten men, three of them had no house. First, the rum discussed. Then one turned his back to me and took something out of his pants. In turn, he had already raised the machete and wanted to hit my neck.”

He could then use his years of close combat training. “I fended off the blow with my forearm and pushed it back, it fell against the other, who had also pulled a machete. We used the seconds to retreat and shut the door. They then hacked on the door. They had apparently planned to take revenge, otherwise they would not have brought the weapons.”

When the perpetrators, a group of young Syrians and Afghans, who are said to have come from a home in nearby Luckenwalde, realized that they could not storm the “Kulti”, they were piling up.

Tom, the bouncer.