Germany: Moslem Arrested for Molesting Girls on Their Way to School

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2019

This is one very bad Moslem.

No, not because he tried to shag an 11-year-old – that’s perfectly fine in Islam.

Being intoxicated, though, is haram af.



A 25-year-old Syrian man was arrested in the German town of Landshut this week after approaching a group of young girls on their way to school and molesting them.

The incident occurred at around 7:45 in the morning and saw the 25-year-old asylum seeker approach a group of young girls aged 11 to 14 while in a state of intoxication. According to the victims, the man asked if they wanted to come back “to his room” with him before he began getting more aggressive, Passauer Neue Presse reports.

Police say that after the man propositioned the young girls, he grabbed the buttocks of a 13-year-old prompting a 14-year-old girl to intervene and attempt to get the young girls away from the migrant. The migrant proceeded to insult the girl who slapped the Syrian after he became “extremely aggressive” and was then hit in the face by the man.

The incident continued as the man followed the girls to their school where he again attempted to proposition another young girl, this time an 11-year-old.

Police then put out a warrant for the man and arrested him a short time later. He was already known to police for a prior traffic offence and is now being investigated on charges of sexual harassment and assault while he remains in custody at a local correctional facility.