Germany: Military Discovered Engaging in Bizarre Sadistic Sexual Torture

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2017

Well, this is weird.


Recruits and service personnel have been subjected to humiliating acts, violent rituals and sexual abuse at an elite military base in southern Germany, according to a report first published by Der Spiegel daily and later confirmed by the German military.

“Sexual abuse and sadistic actions” were “common practice” during a medical training course named “Combat First Responder” which recruits from all military branches had to attend at the Pfullendorf military base in Baden-Wuertemberg, Der Spiegel reported citing an internal military investigation that was kept secret.

The investigation was triggered in October 2016 after a female officer addressed the German parliamentary commissioner for the army, Hans-Peter Bartels as well as the German Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen.

The female lieutenant complained that she had to go through various humiliating and degrading exercises and rituals during her medical training at the base. The recruits were forced to get naked in front of the fellow service members while other soldiers were filming them, she said at that time, according to Der Spiegel.

The soldiers attending the course also had to take part in “absolutely senseless and apparently sexually motivated medical exercises” that involved soldiers inserting roller bandages into their anuses. Both male and female recruits had to go through this. Such “drills” were also photographed, the officer added.

The officer’s complaint prompted an internal investigation into the matter that confirmed all the officer’s statements, Der Spiegel reports. The investigators also found that the violations at the base were not limited to degrading training exercises, but also included violent and humiliating rituals for new recruits.

Soldiers were tied to chairs for many hours and hosed down, according to the daily. After Volker Wieker, the Inspector General of the Federal Armed Forces, sent his special investigator to the base the number of discovered violations “rapidly increased.”

As a result, seven soldiers who served at the facility were immediately discharged from service without notice because of their involvement in the abuses. In addition, the regional Prosecutor’s Office in Hechlingen also opened a probe against the former servicemen on suspicion of infliction of serious bodily injuries, illegal deprivation of freedom, violence and abuse.

The base commander, Colonel Thomas Heinrich Schmidt, was transferred to another post along with two officers and two non-commissioned officers who were serving at the base, under order of the defense minister.

Following the publication in Der Spiegel, the German Army issued an official statement. It confirmed “a significant number of incidents that occurred at the Special Operations training center in Pfullendorf” and said that those incidents would be “taken seriously.”

It admitted that exercises conducted as part of the Combat First Responder course “were not in compliance with the standards of respect to human dignity and sexual self-determination” and were “shameful.” The statement also confirmed that soldiers at the base were involved in “admission rituals” that included various forms of abuse.

You know who wouldn’t have allowed this?

Adolf Hitler.

In Adolf Hitler’s army, there were most definitely not soldiers sticking things up each others asses.

Modern Germany has a psychological complex revolving around hatred of their own race because of the Holocaust lie. Obviously, this leads to nihilism, which leads to sticking things up people’s asses and filming it.