Germany: Massive Vibrancy Event with Machetes and Pipes in Duisburg

Daily Stormer
April 2, 2018

You guys remember when third-world vermin chopping each other up with machetes in European cities wasn’t a thing?

Really makes you feel old, doesn’t it?


Police were called to the Altmarkt area of the city over reports of the mass bawl. Officers used CS gas to control the brawling men.

The scores of men were also using telescopic batons in the fight in Druisburg, which is on the west of Germany.

Police said they were spat at and had objects hurled at them.

You know, if I were a cop in Germany now, I’d pretty pissed right now.

I imagine even just a couple of years ago, most of the people who signed up for this job were expecting to do actual police work, not work as zookeepers 24/7 for warring groups of monkeys.

Around 50 people were arrested and onlookers captured the brutality in shocking photos.

Those arrested refused to explain what sparked the fight and 30 people were later released.

This sounds like oppression to me.

 A police official told the newspaper Der Westen: “There are three rival groups. It may be a conflict between Turks, Lebanese and Kurds.

“No! No! Bad goyim! You’re supposed to be attacking the White goyim, not fighting amongst each other!”

“These stupid brown goyim don’t understand why we brought them to Europe in the first place.”

“Unlike with a demonstration of that size, we do not have a contact person, nobody wants to talk to the police.”

He added: “The officers got the situation under control before it escalated.”

Yeah, sorry bud, but the situation escalated the minute you let them in your country, or rather – the minute you let the Juden bring them in your country.

There’s no solution to this other than getting rid of them.

Otherwise, they’re just gonna grow and grow and grow…

Until one day, you won’t be able to manage them anymore.

And then what?