Germany: Man Sentenced To Jail For Saying Mean Things About Jews And Foreigners On Facebook

Daily Stormer
October 18, 2016

Getting sent to jail for questioning Jewish shower room gas chamber fakery is one of the great freedoms in Germany.

Germany is a country that celebrates free speech. There is so much free speech in this country that they will send you to jail if you say mean things about Jews and foreigners on Facebook.

Another aspect of Germany’s system of speech freedom is that they will send you to jail if you question the Jewish shower room gas chamber hoax.

The specific case below is another excellent example showing how much free speech there is in Germany. It is the nation with the most free speech anywhere on the planet.


A court in Würzburg in southern Germany has sentenced a man to jail for writing hateful comments against Jews and migrants. The punishment follows calls by German politicians to counter online hate propaganda.

Judges in Würzburg on Monday sentenced the Facebook user to one and a half years behind bars for writing far-right comments on the social media website. Last year, another local court sentenced the man to two years and three months in prison after he published slogans in 2014, advocating violence and the murder of Jews, foreigners and refugees.

Judges on Monday noted that the man expressed remorse at having written those comments. However, they justified the sentence, saying the man had a long history of offences and that online hate speech was on the rise in Germany.