Germany: Jews Use Kristallnacht Anniversary to Promote Immigration and Attack Patriots

Diversity Macht Frei
November 10, 2018

On the anniversary of Kristallnacht, that terrible day when so many windows were tragically broken, Jews summoned leaders of Germany main political parties to a synagogue in Berlin to prostrate themselves before the Fable of Jewish Victimhood. Not all parties, however. The philosemitic but anti-immigration AfD was not invited. Pandering to the delicate sensibilities of Jews has gained them nothing.

Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews, explained why.

“It would have been unbearable for the Jewish community, 80 years after the pogrom night, to have representatives of this party among us.”

Behind people who attack refugees, Muslims or Jews, stood the “intellectual firestarters…a party that sits on the far right edge of the federal parliament has perfected this incitement…They respect nothing. They instrumentalise the courageous resistance of the White Rose for their purposes. They mock the victims and survivors of the Shoah by relativising the National Socialist crimes. They misrepresent history and want to destroy our culture of memorialisation. Therefore this is the only party in the German federal parliament that we have not invited.”

“That in our country in 2017 alone around 300 refugees were injured in attacks, that asylum homes are regularly the targets of attack – that is a scandal! That words of hate appear on mosques ever more frequently or the mosques are attacked” is a scandal. “And it is a scandal that the same happens with synagogues ever more often in Germany, although they are usually under police protection.”

“You will all recall the Jewish restaurant owner in Chemnitz who was recently attacked by neo-Nazis and not for the first time. Not long afterwards, in October, neo-Nazis sought out a Persian restaurant in Chemnitz and seriously injured its Iranian owner. That such things happen in Germany in 2018 is a shame for our country!”

The intellectual firestarters should gain no more ground: “The opposite. They must be driven back so they sink into oblivion.” Everyone shares responsibility for ensuring that respect and tolerance characterise the profile image of Germany.

“Civil courage begins in day to day life. Each and every one of us can ask: do I intervene when gay jokes are told among my mates at the pub? Or when women are spoken of disparagingly? Or when the talk is of the supposed influence of the Jews on the American east coast? Or is the risk too great for me that I’ll be seen as a spoilsport or a party pooper? …Do I pretend not to hear when a dark-skinned man is insulted in the train?”


He even found an ingenious way to work the gas motif into Kristallnacht. He claims that in 1938 a 12-year-old Jewish boy said this to his mother: “Mother, if we’re really so bad and no other country wants to accept us, maybe it’s better to just make an end of it and turn on the gas tap.”