Germany: Jews Throw a Fit After Israeli Claims He was Told to Take Off Jew Star by Hotel Staff

Raise your hand if you think this actually happened.


A leading Jewish group in Germany said Tuesday it was shocked by a German-Israeli singer’s report of being turned away from a hotel in the eastern German city of Leipzig because he was wearing a Star of David pendant.

Singer Gil Ofarim, who lives in Germany, shared a video on Instagram Tuesday showing him in front of the Westin hotel in Leipzig and saying a hotel employee asked him to put away his necklace in order to check into the hotel.

The head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster, responded on Twitter, saying “the antisemitic hostility against Gil Ofarim is appalling.”

“One hopes that the Westin will take consequences regarding their staff,” Schuster tweeted. “I also hope that in the future we will encounter solidarity when we get attacked.”

The Westin Leipzig told The Associated Press in an email that it was “concerned and alarmed by the intolerable accusations by Mr. Ofarim.”

Obviously, if it did happen, the employee was a Moslem and the hotel itself is probably owned by Moslems. There are countries all over the world where Jews are not allowed to check into hotels if they’re displaying a Star of David. Even South Americans and Asians have this rule, because they say Jews whine about everything and demand discounts.

But it’s Germany blamed.

And no one is going to ask for evidence or even if the accused are Moslems. It’s just an outrage of the German Nazis – yet again!

It’s like when the government and media started blaming the BLM riots on secret white supremacists.

Although, the riots definitely did happen. This event seems very unlikely to have happened in real life.

Everything about this reeks of Jussie Smollett – who, let’s not forget, was also Jewish (half).