Germany: Jewish Liars Claim That Anti-Semitism is Prevalent Among Anti-Virus Marches

Anti-Semites have been suspicious of the Jewish vaxx agenda for a long time.

I am suspicious of any claims by Jews of “rampant anti-Semitism,” especially among white people, as I’ve found that these claims are almost universally false.

But if the Jews are claiming that the anti-virus protests are anti-Semitic by their very nature, are they not also de facto claiming that the virus agenda is a Jewish agenda?

What else could they be claiming?


More than 500 anti-Semitic incidents have been linked to the Covid-19 pandemic in Germany, during which Jews were blamed for both the virus and the lockdowns, a report by a watchdog group shows.

The results of the study by the Federal Association of Departments for Research and Information on Antisemitism (RIAS) were reported by the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

The watchdog recorded 561 pandemic-related anti-Semitic incidents across Germany between March 2020 and March 2021. The majority of them (60%) occurred during public protests, during which Jews were blamed for the coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns.

In other instances, Jews described being harassed and insulted in supermarkets and other public spaces, where strangers accused them of bringing the disease into the world. One such incident was reported by the media in February, when flyers found on a tram in Cologne linked the pandemic to “the Jewish problem.”

The protests on the first weekend of August have shown the continuation of anti-Semitic sentiments at gatherings against the measures aimed at containing the coronavirus pandemic,” Daniel Poensgen, a researcher at RIAS, told the paper.

Protesters against the lockdowns in Germany and elsewhere have been seen sporting mock yellow Star of David badges and armbands similar to the ones Jews were forced to wear during World War II. Jewish groups find the usage of such imagery offensive and tantamount to the trivialization of the Holocaust.

Those protesting against quarantine restrictions and vaccination “cannot pretend they are in the Resistance or they are persecuted compared to the Jews in the Nazi period,” German anti-Semitism expert Hajo Funke told the Jewish Telegraph Agency in May, adding that such comparisons were historically wrong and dangerous.

For those new to analysis of the anti-Semitism racket, the requirements for an “anti-Semitic incident” to be registered by any of the groups that keep track of such incidents is simply that a Jew call up one of these groups and claim that someone yelled something at them on a street.

The requirements to register an incident requiring no form of documentation or objective evidence means that the organizations can simply fill their records with fake incidents they’ve created themselves whenever they want to claim that “anti-Semitic incidents are on the rise.”

No other form of record-keeping is so loose, save for possibly the coronavirus death toll itself, but the media is in agreement that criticizing the data methodology of the Jews would be akin to lampshading them.

That is to say: the data is utterly meaningless.

Though it should of course be noted that the Jews have never been great with math.

I have no idea if people in Germany are actually blaming the virus on the Jews. The only thing we can gather from this data is that the Jews want people to believe that the people protesting the virus measures are blaming it on the Jews.

Frankly, the Jews should be blamed. Not only do the Jews dominate the global media that is pushing this hoax, the Jews have a dominant position in the phrama industry pushing the vaxx. Many of the government agencies across the West employ Jews in high positions, probably because it is only the Jews who are bold enough to press this hoax with such fury.

What’s more, the Jewish image of man in the universe has completely overshadowed the traditional European Christian views of freedom and personal responsibility. We see this in the fact that it is overwhelmingly the Jews pushing for ultra-aggressive measures to be used against the unvaxxed.

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As always, the Jews have been at the forefront of the call for the mass censorship of those who disagree with the official narrative being spewed by the Jewish controlled media apparatus.

I would in fact go so far as to say that this virus hoax situation has brought to the forefront differences between Jews and Christians which are unreconcilable, and are grounds for a complete divorce of the two races.