Germany: Jew Billionaire Demands More Goyim Get Arrested for Meanthink

Daily Stormer
November 6, 2019

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The goyim are being very, very bad to God’s Chosen.

And it’s for absolutely no reason, like always.


Speaking at a meeting in Munich of officials from around the world gathered to tackle the issue of antisemitism, World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder demanded action against antisemitism, especially new laws that would regulate its spread over the internet.

Lauder spoke at the Second World Jewish Congress International Meeting of Special Envoys and Coordinators for Combating Antisemitism, a meeting of three dozen officials from around the globe.

“After three decades, antisemitism has now reared its head,” said Lauder. “Antisemitism, even after 1945, was here. It was quiet, underground, but it was here. It didn’t disappear.”

Why the heck won’t you disappear already?

The nerve of these hecking kikes, who are literally the richest “people” on the planet, and all they do all day is whine that the rest of us hate them for supposedly no reason, even as we keep telling them the reasons we hate them for…

…the main one being that you’re literally trying to mongrelize us to death.

Citing the Yom Kippur synagogue attack in the German city of Halle, in which an antisemitic gunman attempted to attack the congregation barricaded inside, and then proceeded to kill two passersby when he could not enter the building, Lauder asked of the killer, “Where’d he get the information?”

“It didn’t come from the air,” he stated. “It came over the internet. He was someone who frankly sat at home and looked at the internet and got angry.”

At the moment, he noted, “There’s no ability to stop this stuff coming. We can find out where every piece on the internet comes from if we want to. No one’s doing it.”

“Let’s build a totalitarian police state just so a tiny minority is never criticized ever again on the internet” would be one of those things that make people angry, you dumb kike.

These humanoid vermin are under the impression that nobody would hate them if “Nazis” stopped telling them to on the internet, but really, their own words and actions do a far better job than I ever could – which is kinda depressing in its own way, now that I think about it…

Lauder criticized the actions of the police at Halle, noting that it took them 20 minutes to respond to the shooting, and said that if a non-Jewish site were the target, “Police would have been there in five minutes.”

Of the German police, he charged, “At least a third of them are basically antisemitic. And the question is, how can you expect them to carry out things when you have [neo-Nazi] marches in Chemnitz and Dortmund, and the police stand by? For us, it is very reminiscent of the police standing by during Kristallnacht, and not allowing the firemen to get there.”

I think I understand why they put this specific rat in charge – to say something like that in a country where crimes against Germans are not only barely investigated, but often actively covered up by the pigs in uniform, is borderline schizophrenia.

The full speech

Even most other kikes, I think, wouldn’t just blurt out something this stupid, especially since any crime against Jews by one of their own mud pets that they brought to Europe gets world headlines for weeks.

He also demanded the enactment of much stricter laws against hate speech on the internet and elsewhere.

“This is what we are facing,” he stated. “We can have all of the confidences that we want, but we want action not words. We want laws that really mean something.”

Commenting on the speeches heard at the conference, Lauder noted, “No one said, ‘This is what I plan to do.’ We heard, ‘We must stop it,’ but no one said, ‘We have to change this law or that law.’”

Noting that films and other information on antisemitic hate groups are readily available to authorities, he said, “What do we do with them? Nothing. That’s the question.”

Losing your job and going to prison for publicly criticizing Jews is not enough to make this Jew billionaire feel unoppressed, you have to not be able to do it even anonymously.

And never forget – these Jews that you never voted for ordering around what is nominally “your” government is what democracy looks like.

Because values and principles.