Germany: Immigration Office Says Country Must Import Laborers from Europe Because Rapefugees are Retarded

Daily Stormer
February 4, 2020

I’m confused…

Weren’t all those Syrian child refugees from Africa supposed to pay Mama Merkel’s pension?

Whatever happened to that idea?

Deutsche Welle:

The head of Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), Hans-Eckhard Sommer, said that integrating refugees into Germany’s labor market will be a difficult task, and called for Germany to focus on attracting skilled labor from countries in southern Europe.

In an interview with Germany’s Rheinische Post newspaper published on Saturday, Sommer said that there are many jobless, well-educated young people in Southern Europe who would be “considerably easier” to integrate.

On March 1, the German government will implement a skilled labor immigration law intended to make it easier for highly qualified foreigners to work in Germany.

Under EU law, there are no legal barriers for EU citizens to work in other countries in the 27-member bloc.

“I think we should concentrate harder on recruiting professionals from Europe,” said Sommer.

Then why did you need the browns to begin with?

Were you unaware that they’re completely useless apes that can’t realistically function in a modern economy?

Couldn’t you tell just by looking at the shitholes these creatures come from that they’re not really any good?

Sommer said that BAMF has “always been aware” that very few potential skilled workers arrive in Germany as refugees, adding that around 17% of participants in BAMF’s German integration courses are illiterate.

However, Sommer said that refugees who take literacy courses are considered to be “very committed.” An estimated 13% of participants who never learned to read or write were able to reach an intermediate level of German that would normally be taught over six years of primary school.

Hear that, goyim?

Around a fifth of the ones taking these retarded courses can’t even read and write in their own language – presumably that number is higher among the ones not taking the courses.

But over 10% of those manage to learn to read and write as well as a 12-year-old very quickly, thereby completely disproving racism.

Checkmate, you stupid goyim.

The BAMF chief also warned against heavily recruiting skilled labor from developing countries, as promoting a brain drain will make it harder for poorly developed economies to grow.

“I consider it problematic if we bring a large number of highly educated people to Germany from poorly developed countries,” said Sommer, calling rather for Germany to send support for creating education and jobs.

“If we prevent or don’t support the development of these countries, we are taking the risk of creating the next group of refugees ourselves.”

Notice how at no point does he even consider the obvious solution to all these problems, which is to stop flooding Germany with foreigners and make the krauts have more babies.

That would be the best for everyone, but you can’t do that because… soap made out of Jews, or something.