Germany Hopes Biden Will Keep Tens of Thousands of Troops Occupying Their Country

What is going on with the government of Germany that they support a foreign military occupation of their country, and view ending this occupation as a “punishment”?

Do they have Stockholm syndrome?

Or are government officials simply shills for the occupying power?


A German official has told Newsweek that Berlin hopes President-elect Joe Biden will reverse President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw thousands of troops and relocate the U.S. military’s European headquarters.

The official said Trump’s move in July came as a surprise, and appeared to be punitive.

“We learned about this only through leaks,” the official said, “and the motive behind it was apparently to punish us for not spending enough on defense.”

The traditionally robot transatlantic partnership between the U.S. and Europe was severely tested under the Trump administration, and Germany, in particular, bore the brunt of criticism for not falling directly in line with the White House’s plans.

The contribution goal to the common defense for member nations of the 30-member NATO Western military alliance is 2% of gross domestic product (GDP). In its most recent reporting, Germany came in at about 1.5%.

Trump has repeatedly criticized Germany over its level of contribution to NATO. In July, he announced he would withdraw 12,000 U.S. troops deployed in Germany. Additionally, he declared his intention to relocate the headquarters of the U.S. European Command from Stuttgart, Germany to Mons, Belgium, where NATO’s Supreme Allied Headquarters Europe (SHAPE) is located.

Presumably, the German people should be the ones to decide whether or not they want tens of thousands of foreign troops in their country to make sure they don’t all of a sudden turn into Nazis and start gassing Jews.

But even if they do want that, the American people should not be forced to pay for it.

It is none of the concern of me or my countrymen whether or not the Germans go on a Jew-gassing rampage, and we should not be forced to pay trillions of dollars to stop them from doing that.

But maybe they just want our blacks to be over there having sex with their Aryan women?

Well, Germans – you can get your own blacks.

We need these blacks at home, having sex with our own Aryan women.

Or wait, no – actually, you can keep the blacks.

Even if and when Donald Trump wins, I think Germany should be able to keep the blacks if they need them to have sex with their Aryan women.

But we’re not paying for that. Germany is going to have to pay these blacks themselves.