Germany: Homosexual Leftist Politician Kills Man, Rapes Corpse for Days (But Don’t Forget – Nazis are the Real Enemy!)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2016

Leftists still have the moral highground though, because they believe in the Holocaust and hate Nazis and are flooding the country with immigrants to destroy the German race so they don’t start gassing Jews in fake shower rooms and making them into lampshades and soap again.

Regardless of murder/corpse-sodomizing, he is a better person than someone who thinks German people have a right to exist, or asks for evidence of the Holocaust.

Politician of the far-left progressive Pirate Party of Germany Gerwald Claus-Brunner (44) was found dead to suicide on the 19th of September, one day after the party suffered a huge defeat at the Berlin state election, failing to reach the 5% threshold. UPDATE: According to the FOCUS, he raped and killed another man before taking his own life. They found another, strangled body next to him.

UPDATE 2: He raped the corpse after he killed him and kept it in his apartment, before committing suicide after the election results.…

This speech, held by Claus-Brunner the 23rd of June, has now been re-interpreted as his suicide note. He said in front of attendees in the representatives that they “will regret that the party he belongs to will cease to exist” and that they will one day “have to get up and hold a minute of silence” for him.

A secondary reason, besides the huge defeat, could be that his boyfriend of 16 years ended the relationship with him. His party also claims that he also had an “incurable disease”. This, combined with the heavy loss of the election, could have driven him into suicide.

The Pirate Party was originally founded for the purpose of digital freedom (hence “pirate”) and characterizes itself as social-liberal-progressive.

The party is mainly known for being a staunch supporter of Neo-Marxism, Anti-Fascism and radical feminism (hence the lengthy introduction including “any” genders).

Like the German Green party, the Pirate party wants to legalize Incest, Pedophilia, consensual sexual relations between parents and their children, child marriages, child pornography, adoption of by homosexual couples and implement additional, gender neutral bathrooms in all public institutions.

The party is a proponent of the Frankfurt school and proposed a bill to “Stop advancing the national Interests of Germany” („Antrag gegen nationale Egoismen“) in 2012, which called for Germany’s historic responsibility to establish a one-world multicultural utopia for “all the 7 billion world citizens”.

It also called to end public schools and outlaw thought crimes, with especially harsh punishments for anyone glorifying an aspect of Germany’s history between 1933-1945.

They actively support and encourage unrestricted mass illegal immigration from the 3rd world into Germany as it advances their interests in a borderless one world paradise.