Germany: Government Decides to Bring in Even More Invaders!

Daily Stormer
October 4, 2018

Angela Merkel, pictured here with the only black animal she ever met that she didn’t want to give welfare to


They’re still doing it…

Only this time, the excuse isn’t “it’s sad because they’re brown” – no, we’ve circled back around to “we need workers,” as if 80ish IQ apes have the ability or the desire to work.

The Local:

In a deal hammered out after marathon talks deep into the night, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right CDU, their Bavarian allies CSU and the centre-left SPD agreed on a new strategy to combat fast-ageing Germany’s worker shortage.

You already have one – it’s called automation:

Migrants without residency permits who are awaiting decisions on their asylum applications or their deportation may get to stay if they are gainfully employed and can show they have joined the fabric of German society.

Jobseekers from outside the EU – including, for example, cooks, metallurgy workers or IT technicians – can also come to Germany for six months to try and find employment, provided they speak German.

Oh yeah, I’m sure the semihuman monkey people of the Middle East and Africa can’t wait to work in IT.

Nothing like smashing a bottle in a kraut’s head after a long day of writing JavaScript

Just like I’m sure you’re actually deporting them and not lying about it.

Manpower from the bloc of around 500 million people would not suffice to keep the German economy ticking, the coalition noted.

“That’s why we need workers from third countries,” Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told a press conference about the strategy that has yet to become a law and be passed by parliament.

Hey Merkel, you know that huge flood of military-aged you got in the last couple of years?

Why aren’t they working?

And why would these new ones work?

 Immigration has become a hot potato issue in recent years over the record influx of mostly Muslim migrants, many fleeing war in Iraq or Syria.

Railing against the newcomers, the far-right AfD has become Germany’s biggest opposition party with more than 90 seats in the Bundestag.

The government ministers stressed that the new immigration rules are not designed to allow failed asylum applicants to win residency in Germany by switching over to become employment migrants.

Rather the new rules are aimed at providing a “pragmatic solution” for migrants who, for instance, have been in Germany for a protracted period because they cannot be deported if they face the risk of torture in their country of origin.

They should be tortured just for entering Europe…

It’s a “pragmatic solution that reflects reality,” said Employment Minister Hubertus Heil, adding that it would avoid cases of Germany “sending the wrong people back”.

No, it’s not.

A pragmatic solution would be “If it’s not White, shoot it at the border.”

Like this, but with bigger guns

With unemployment at a record low since reunification, companies in Europe’s biggest economy have been complaining that a chronic shortage in workers is threatening growth.

In the areas of mathematics, computing, natural sciences and technology, a record 338,200 jobs went unfilled in September, reported business weekly Handelsblatt on Tuesday, quoting data from the Cologne-based German Economic Institute.

And you’re gonna look for mathematicians, coders and scientists in place that never had any of those fields to begin with…

I wonder who came up with that plan…