Germany: Government Attacks Pro-Freedom Protesters with an Industrial Water Blaster

The Jews claim that Adolf Hitler was against freedom.

But Adolf Hitler never locked people in their houses, destroyed all small businesses, and then blasted people with water cannons when they complained about it.


German police fired water cannon during an anti-lockdown rally in Frankfurt on Saturday and eventually broke up the gathering as rules like wearing masks and socially distancing were not observed.

About 600 people from the loosely organized Querdenker movement that opposes the government’s measures to halt the rise in coronavirus infections took to the streets in Frankfurt.

Police used water cannon to free up the route of the rally, which was blocked several times by about 300 people protesting against the Querdenkers.

A police spokesman said the rally was broken up after protesters repeatedly disregarded rules on wearing masks and keeping a distance from each other.

Meanwhile, leading politicians said any quick relaxation of the country’s November lockdown was unlikely. Germany has imposed measures dubbed a “lockdown light” to rein in a second wave of the pandemic. While restaurants are closed, schools and shops so far remain open.

Health Minister Jens Spahn said at an online event of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party that hard weeks, possibly even months, lie ahead.

“It takes a very long time even with very severe measures (to get infection rates down)”, Spahn said, pointing to the Southern German Berchtesgaden district, which has been in a full lock-down since Oct. 20.

Bavaria’s conservative Prime Minister Markus Soeder said that he does not expect any lockdown rules to be eased before the end of November.

“Whether they need to be extended? Possibly, we will see,” he said, adding that decisions would be taken depending how the pandemic evolves in the next two weeks.

Of course they’re going to be extended. Flu season doesn’t even really get started until December.

What’s more: the purpose of this is not to stop a virus, as everyone must understand at this point. The purpose is to force the people into tyranny.

“We love you so much that we’re going to protect you from your own decisions, but if you don’t like that, we’re going to punish you because you’re a very bad boy.”

This situation is absurd.

The people have to have freedom.

If Donald Trump ends up being forced out of office, our cousins in Europe are in for a much rougher ride than they would have been otherwise. If Trump stays in office, he is going to fire Anthony Fauci and replace him with Scott Atlas, and we’re going to open our country back up. That will put pressure on Europe to do the same, as their people will be asking: “Why do we have to be locked down when America is open and nothing is happening to them?”

Biden, on the other hand, is planning to do the most extreme lockdown yet, which will completely crush all freedom and wipe out the entire middle class once and for all.