Germany: Former Pro-Refugee Politician from Merkel’s Party Paid Tons of Money to House “Refugees”

Good thing they understand racism is the real problem here

We always like to think of Germans as self-hating, but it turns out quite a lot of them just hate other Germans and have no problem with themselves personally.

I’m pretty sure that’s not an improvement.

Voice of Europe:

The city of Cologne’s municipal government is coming under fire for spending increasing amounts of taxpayer money on keeping migrants in hotels. This is happening even while there are many vacant rooms in existing reception centres. And one of the city’s ex-politicians is making quite a lot of money off the arrangement.

The situation came about because the city has signed long-term leases for hotel rooms for periods of several years in order to reserve them for migrants — leases which must be paid regardless of whether anyone is using the rooms, according to a report by Junge Freiheit. The city is currently paying more than a million euros annually for 90 hotel rooms.

The woman behind many of these leases is Andrea Horitzky, an ex-member of the Executive Board for the Cologne branch of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party. In 2018, the German newspaper Express reported that Horitzky owns a hotel in the city which she converted into housing for migrants. She did this in 2017, while still a member of the CDU’s executive board — at a time when the party’s official position was that migrants should not be put up in hotels. Horitzky told neither the public nor her party of her plan to create migrant housing; she resigned her position when it was exposed in the media.

Nevertheless, Horitzky still received permission from the city to make the conversion, which she did in October 2017. Her hotel can now accommodate up to 43 migrants, and the city signed a seven-year lease with her to maintain it as migrant housing. As a result, Horitzky now has a steady source of income from this arrangement: the city of Cologne pays her 35 euros per day per migrant out of taxpayer funds (according to Express, Horitzky had asked for more, but 35 euros is the maximum allowed by the city). Horitzky now receives 549,325 euros annually from the city — which is paid regardless of whether the rooms are occupied or not.

“This is symbolic both for Cologne and for Ms. Reker [Cologne’s Mayor], and unfortunately also for the CDU in Cologne: corruption and migrant madness go hand-in-hand,” said Sven W. Tritschler, a representative for the Right-wing Alternative for Germany party in the North Rhine-Westphalia state parliament.

So she’s getting the money regardless of whether she’s even holding them there, huh?

That’s the best of both worlds!

Since I’m pretty sure you can find housing in Germany that costs less than the 11,000 euros a year she gets per room, she could just move them somewhere else and not have to deal with them directly.

That’s what I’d do if I were her.

That’s the smile of someone who can afford to live away from diversity