Germany: Former Anti-Migrant Politician Calls for More Islam

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2020

What we need to do is study why people hate Moslems so much.

Because it is purely irrational.


Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced on Saturday the creation of an “independent expert group on Islamophobia” (Muslimfeindlichkeit), saying it would emulate current ministerial panels on anti-Semitism and Antiziganism, meaning hostility toward Jewish and Roma communities.

His call follows a charge on Thursday by a federal migrant network that Germany exercises “massive structural discrimination” and “structural racism” towards 19 million of its residents or 23% of the population who are statistically seen as having “migrant backgrounds” but who are long at home in the republic.

The Interior Ministry said the new panel would convene for years and make recommendations on how to tackle anti-Muslim hatred and the marginalization of Muslims amid persistent far-right intimidation.

Beyond Seehofer’s planned expert group on Islamophobia, the deputy chairperson of the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) Serpil Midyalti told Berlin’s Tagesspiegel newspaper that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government should appoint a racism commissioner, equipped with sufficient resources.

‘Attack on fellow citizens,’ says Seehofer

A lone gunman’s mass fatal shooting of nine people of foreign descent in Hanau near Frankfurt on February 19 was “an attack on fellow citizens and friends; an attack on our joint values that concerns us all together,” Seehofer said.

The former Bavarian premier, who until 2018 regularly said “Islam does not belong to Germany” and long criticized Merkel’s open society-based migration stance, said Saturday he would “intensify” dialog with migrant organizations.

On Monday, Merkel is set to host the 11th in a series of national integration summits — vexed over the years by dissenting views — which will include an array of organizations dealing with migration and integration.

“Ensuring the security of everyone in Germany is our top priority,” said Merkel on Saturday in her weekly video message, having previously denounced the Hanau attack as exhibiting the “poison” of racism and hatred in Germany.

It doesn’t seem that this whole multiculturalism experiment has worked out very well.

But the solution is more immigration.