Germany: Female “Artist” Makes Penis Statues, Excited When Man Breaks One Because at Least Someone Noticed

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2018

I remember seeing museums, when I was a kid.

Like, real museums, with real art and science in them.

Now, the museum scene is mostly about aggressive women doing various “projects” relating to genitals.

Who would have thought that a whore who would make these would welcome attention?

What would the insurance claim even be like?

Can you imagine being the poor insurance claims adjuster that has to appraise the value of a giant broken ceramic penis? Is it even possible to appraise something at a negative value? Would the claimant have to pay the insurance company?

Deutsche Welle:

The German artist who created a spinning ceramic penis admitted on Wednesday that the man who had broken the artwork at an exhibition had inadvertently helped to raise awareness about her work.

“Of course this incident was an advertisement for me,” Anna Maria Bieniek said, adding: “I won’t make a big drama out of it.”

The ceramic sculpture was one of three 40 to 60-centimeter (15 to 23-inch) colorful penises on display at the Kunstpalais Erlangen exhibit in southern Germany on October 21.

after the exhibit opened, a fellow artist inadvertently toppled the penis while he was trying to read an explanatory note about the piece. The sculpture, which had not been sold yet, was spinning on a round base at the time.

The 39-year-old Bieniek said that while she welcomed the subsequent media attention, she “regretted” that exhibit visitors could no longer “enjoy a perfect observation” of the original artwork. She also hoped that people did not forget to focus on the art itself.

Bieniek has repaired parts of the penis since the accident, but decided to leave a large crack open.

The idea behind the work emerged from Bieniek’s self-professed “anger” toward men. She said men are too often overpowered by their sexual urges.

“I expressed the penis’s libido and inability for self-control through the movement of this nearly lifelike phallus,” she said.

Yes, you sure did show how obsessed men are with sex by making giant sculptures of sexual organs, and then getting Deutsche Welle to report on how angry you are at them.

If I ever want to show real German art to my kids some day, I’ll probably just have to tell them to search for it on the internet.

Don’t let loud sluts clog up your system.

Here’s some real German art.