Germany: Father Tries to Have Own Daughter Arrested for Viewing Patriotic Websites

Daily Stormer
May 18, 2017

Snitches get stiches – I thought everyone knew this.

There are few things more revolting than ethnic cuckoldry.

But selling out your own children for the benefit of alien parasites, while getting nothing in return, definitely qualifies.

Current day Germany is far more totalitarian than anyone even claims the Third Reich ever was. This level of snitch culture is mind-boggling.

Anime Right News:

A man in Germany has recently gone to Reddit to post about “family issues,” describing his daughter as being involved online in German pro-White socialization, or browsing various German pro-White media. He then asks for legal advice, the primary purpose of his post, on how to sellout & have his daughter arrested.

This is a perfect illustration of the current state of German mentality. These people are completely broken. His anger at his daughter and desire to “turn her in” is admittedly entirely based on selfish fear. 

The worse part is that the fear isn’t even really rational.

Even as insane as the German thought-control laws are, they don’t lock-up minors for browsing naughty websites, obviously.

But this is what happens when you completely break down a people’s instincts for nationalism.

Nationalism is nothing but the extension of the natural love a man feels for his family, his normal desire to protect those close to him. Our love extends outwards, from our immediate family, to our clan, nation and then our race.

This is the root of nationalism.

Only by replacing this natural love with fear and terror of the state can you stamp out patriotism and national pride.

And the result of this is the disintegration of all social bonds, ultimately ending with the destruction of the family itself. Complete individualism.

While most of the West isn’t that far gone yet, it’s not for lack of trying on the part of the Jews.

The new normal: pregnant men, tranny wives, race-mixing and selfish pleasure-seeking.

To have a strong nation, you need to have strong tribes. To have strong tribes, you need strong, close-knit families. Only similarity in blood, culture, history, language and spirit can bring people close together to the point where they’re ready to sacrifice for each other.

This isn’t some ideology – it’s the law of the universe. Your cells cooperate with each other because they share the same DNA. If you introduce cells from a different organism in your body, they’ll be violently rejected. Only similar cells can come together to form a higher organism, just like only people with similar blood can form a nation.

Seeing a father attack his own child in order to save his skin is like seeing cells attacking each other within a human body.

This is known as a tumor.

These kikes are literally giving our society cancer.