Germany Exposed as Soviet State – Jaw-Dropping Political Correctness Propaganda in Soccer

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
September 13, 2015


The latest news from out of Germany is painting a pretty clear picture that the country is rapidly descending into an authoritarian state, similar to old Soviet union.

Bayern-Munich, a German soccer/football team, has staged a PR event in their stadium in front of 75,000 people, as “a symbol for the integration of refugees.

The propaganda event saw team-members hold hands with a German child, and a non-White non-German child.


In addition to propaganda like this being published daily in Germany, some members of the German government want their political opponents to be censored, and their views outlawed.

Chancellor Angela Merkel told the BBC that she wanted Facebook to completely ban so-called “hate speech” on the website.

When people incite others on social networks, using their real name, not only the state must act, but also Facebook as a company must do something against those slogans” she said.

The Soviet Union used to ban “hate speech” as well. “Hate speech” to them, was anything Communists didn’t agree with.

These days, “hate speech” is anything anti-Whites don’t agree with.

The Soviet Union looked like an invulnerable fortress that could never be stopped, but in the end it got torn apart with just one simple meme: “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

And maybe some day, another simple meme will bring down the “diversity union” – I’ve got a feeling those words will be “Mrs Merkel, stop White genocide!”