Germany: Evil Neo-Nazis Hold Protest in Chemnitz After Syrian Child Refugee Attacks Evil Neo-Nazi Griller with a Knife

Daily Stormer
June 11, 2019

One of these people is called Lehming

Whenever White people live around non-White “people,” the former start developing some insane, inexplicable skin-hatred for the latter.

Nobody knows why this happens.

The Local:

Tensions are again rising in Chemnitz, eastern Germany, after a far-right group hit out at a Muslim community festival.

Dozens of far-right protesters staged a rally on Sunday, a day after an altercation in which an 18-year-old Syrian man allegedly injured the hand of a 41-year-old German man with a knife.

How were they “hitting out” at the Moslems, exactly?

The altercation came after a Muslim community street festival was held on Saturday in the city centre, and the local far-right group Pro Chemnitz protested nearby with a BBQ event.

An online video shows the extremist group grilling spit-roast pork while attendants yell “this is our city”.

So they were holding a BBQ to counter the Moslem invaders celebrating their gay volcano demon, one of them gets attacked with a knife, and you’re trying to blame it on them?

Is that really the best spin you people could come up with?

Pro Chemnitz later claimed the injured man was one of its “comrades in arms” and posted “breaking news” about the incident on social media along with a generic picture of a bloodied knife.

A local right-wing group then called for the demonstration on Sunday, which was joined by some 50 people, according to local daily Freie Presse.

About 60 demonstrators staged a counter-protest and 66 police kept watch, local authorities said, adding that no violence was reported.

The counter-protests were organized by Germany’s Green Party, because it’s essential for the environment that Germany be turned into a brown caliphate for some reason.

Chemnitz earned worldwide notoriety last year after a German man’s fatal stabbing sparked mass protests which saw neo-Nazis rampaging through the streets targeting people of foreign appearance.

Defence lawyers for the Syrian man, Alaa Sheikhi, insist he is innocent in the manslaughter trial that is being held in another city of the ex-communist east, Dresden, for security reasons.

It’s completely shocking and unexpected that the same thing that happens literally every single time in literally every single place where (((diversity))) is imposed would happen once again.

Absolutely unbelievable.

But I’m sure it’ll all work somehow in the end.

I was assured that diversity is our greatest strength by Mama Merkel herself, and she wouldn’t lie would she?