Germany: Even After Your Sister has Been Raped and Murdered, The Brainwashing Persists

Diversity Macht Frei
June 22, 2018

Student Sophia L. has been missing for several days after hitching a lift with a Moroccan truck driver. She had been involved in left-wing politics and in 2014 stood as a candidate for the city council in Bamberg, where she studied. Her campaign then called for Bamberg to become “bunter” [more colourful]. “Bunt” is the German equivalent of “diverse”, the officially-approved euphemism for the encroachment of brown people on the ancestral living spaces of white people.

A body has now been found at a garage in Spain. The Moroccan truck driver, who surely raped and murdered her, has been arrested. Comments about the case have been circulating on German social media all week.

Her friends and family members obviously share the same deeply-imprinted left-wing mindset as Sophia. Her brother seems more concerned about her case being used as ammunition by racists than about the actual murder of his sister.

“Unfortunately, lurid articles are still circulating on the internet and Sophia’s case is being used to create a mood against immigration policy, against foreigners and an open society. These media sentiments and the many self-righteous comments can hardly be surpassed in abomination,” a group of friends wrote on social media.

Her brother, who first reported her missing, wrote in a public letter: “Sophia would under no circumstances want racist agitation to take place at her expense, as has already happened in some cases.”

Another comment from her “friends”:

“Whatever has happened to Sophia, it is definitely not the result of the apparent difference in cultures”

It’s a sign of how powerful the conditioning is that even after your sister has been raped and murdered by Diversity, you still feel the need to defend it. Europeans have been brainwashed into a suicidal spirit of self-abnegation. And we all know who did the brainwashing.

That said, the toll of rapes, murders and assaults committed by asylum seekers does seem to be reaching the German consciousness, creating a sense almost of siege. A recent spread in the country’s most popular newspaper, Bild, was very powerful, referencing rapefugee crimes around the country.

Murderers, rapists, drug dealers – No one will tell us whether they are still here