Germany: (((Election Committee))) Bans 2/3rds of AfD Candidates From Regional Election

Daily Stormer
July 7, 2019

If you’re totally not Nazis, and in fact you’re just a bunch of short-haired women, Germany will ban you from being in politics just for saying infinity immigrants is ill-advised.

They’re polling in first place, but now they might literally not even be capable of filling all the seats they win.

Because democracy.


The Saxony election committee has refused to allow two-thirds of the candidates of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) to run in this year’s regional election, citing technical discrepancies.

Only two months before the region of Saxony goes to the polls, the region’s election committee has decided that the populist AfD will only be allowed to run 18 of their 61 candidates in what is seen as a massive blow to the party, which is tied for first place in the region in many polls, Tagesspiegel reports.

The committee highlighted the fact that AfD held party congresses on two separate occasions to pick their list of candidates, using two separate election methods.

This, according to the committee, meant that only the first party congress, which saw 18 candidates selected, was actually valid.

This is insane.

I’ve never in my life heard of people not being allowed to run because of their party’s selection process.

If all the party members agreed and approved on the selection process, then the government has absolutely no business in this.

This is a very forced excuse they’re using here.

The ruling is a massive blow to the party which was expected to gain as many as 30 seats in the 120-seat chamber, bringing into question whether the party will be able to fill the seats.

The only way the party will be able to mitigate the effect of the ruling will be to win direct mandates which are secured seats. Polling websites claim the party could potentially win between 27 and 30 direct mandates but could still be left with vacant seats.

This is the most democracy thing ever – especially since this (((committee))) was entirely staffed by their direct competitors.

State chairman of the AfD in Saxony, Jörg Urban labelled the move a “conspiracy” by the establishment saying the other parties were attempting to “weaken the strongest political competitor in the regional elections in Saxony.”

The Saxony branch of the AfD say they will appeal the committee decision but such an appeal will only be allowed to take place after the election.

They’re not even letting them appeal the decision until there’s no point in appealing it anymore!

100% values and principles.

While the AfD has seen election gains election after election and sits in the German parliament as the official opposition, sections of the party were put under domestic surveillance earlier this year.

AfD branches and members have also been targetted by far-left extremists several times this year, including the firebombing of a party office in Döbeln and the alleged attempted assassination of Bremen party chair Frank Magnitz.

Yeah, this isn’t gonna end with elections.

These people want to exterminate us.

The entire “democratic process” has failed, because it was never meant to work for any other purpose than disenfranchising white people. That is the core concept of democracy. They believe they can use their total control of the completely censored media to get you to vote however they want you to vote, and when that fails, they just tell you the party you want to vote for isn’t allowed to run because… some technicality that doesn’t even make sense.