Germany: Cops Arrest Anti-Vaxers for Supposedly Plotting Murder of Politician

This is just a German rip-off of the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping hoax.

In the modern West, a security service is defined as an organization that frames its own country’s population for crimes that were never committed in order to justify tyrannical state policy.

The Guardian:

German police have carried out armed raids on several locations in the eastern state of Saxony in connection with a plot by anti-vaccination activists to murder the state’s prime minister, Michael Kretschmer.

The searches at five addresses in the city of Dresden and one in the nearby town of Heidenau targeted members of a group on the messaging service Telegram where plans for the killing were discussed in connection with the state government’s coronavirus curbs, police said. According to reports, the members included a 34-year-old woman and four men aged between 32 and 64.

Germany’s new chancellor, Olaf Scholz, used an address in parliament on Wednesday morning to condemn what he called a “tiny minority of disinhibited extremists” who were “trying to impose their will on our entire society”, in response to a rise in recent weeks in protests opposing coronavirus measures.

The group Dresden Offlinevernetzung, or Dresden offline networking, came to the attention of authorities after an investigation released last week by the broadcaster ZDF. The report revealed that members of the Telegram group spoke about killing Kretschmer as well as other representatives of the Saxony state government at meetings in the city.

Special forces took part in the dawn raids on Monday after statements by group members suggested they might be in possession of weapons capable of firing live rounds, Saxony police said on Twitter. Two crossbows were reportedly seized in the raids.

Kretschmer said “all judicial means” would be used to tackle the threats. “People in public office should not have to be scared of expressing their opinion or doing their jobs,” he told German media.

Wouldn’t it be nice if people who aren’t in public office could also express their opinions without being scared?

In recent weeks there have been protests by opponents of Covid restrictions in Saxony, which has the second highest rate of new coronavirus cases in Germany and the country’s lowest vaccination rate.

Last month a group of protesters held a torchlit gathering outside the home of Saxony’s interior minister, in what was widely seen as an implicit threat of violence against her.

That is total bullshit.

It was dark outside.

And who was it that started this trend of showing up outside of the homes of politicians?

It wasn’t right-wingers!

That said, I totally understand why so many people are on the edge of a peasant uprising.

I still believe that unorganized violence against the vax regime is a bad idea, unironically. The only path forward is noncompliance.

Do any actual Germans work at Deutsche Welle?