Germany Confesses to Namibia Genocide, Vows to Pay the Blacks

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How dare the Americans steal their crown by bowing down before the blacks, and telling them how sorry they are for being so evil?

So, the Germans said “surely, we must be able to find something we’ve done to the blacks that we can wallow in decadent self-flagellation about, and once again assure ourselves that we are the most righteous?”


Germany has formally acknowledged that its military committed ‘genocide’ against the African peoples who lived in what is now Namibia, and has announced that it will set up a fund to atone for its colonial-era crimes.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said in a statement on Friday that Germany recognized the “atrocities” carried out by its colonial troops against the Herero and Nama people between 1904 and 1908, adding that Berlin wanted to “find a common path to genuine reconciliation in memory of the victims.”

He said that, going forward, Germany will in an official capacity refer to the events as a “genocide.”

Maas also announced that as a “gesture of recognition of the immeasurable suffering,” the German government would create a fund totaling €1.1 billion ($1.34 billion), which will go towards infrastructure, healthcare and training programs for the affected communities. The money will reportedly be paid out over 30 years.

The Herero and Nama tribes were nearly wiped out during a rebellion against German colonial forces in what was then known as German South West Africa. It’s believed that 65,000 of the 80,000 Herero living in the Germany colony perished between 1904 and 1908, while 10,000 of an estimated 20,000 Nama people died during the same period. Many survivors of the rebellion were later captured and placed in concentration camps, where they were used as slave labor. Mistreatment and poor conditions at the camps led to countless deaths.

It’s a real doozie.

The history is highly disputed – but it doesn’t matter. The Holocaust is highly disputed, and Germany’s entire civilization is based on jacking off to these fake shower room gas chamber allegations.

But please, understand: this guilt and shame is a way for white people to feel holy.

Christianity was about repenting for sin, and those who repented the hardest were the most moral. In this new religion of white guilt, those most aggressively apologizing for being born are the most holy.

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Namibians however, being one of the only Christian nations left in the world, would be disgusted if they understood the minds of these prideful German shame-mongers.

Adolf Hitler is not amused by this pervert stuff, I can tell you that.