Germany Committing Collective Suicide

Modern Heretic
October 22, 2015

You sold me a product once. That caused this mud flood.

Whatever the jewish communist wants is the unstoppable tide of history, the long arc toward the slaves promised by the talmud, the inevitable victory that must happen. Any opposition is evil, immoral, doomed to failure, is worthy of being called meaningless words and by the way did I mention that it’s [current year] and we can’t expect your ideas to work in an era where we have [technology].

It’s amazing how many people currently under attack by this kosher program buy into this nonsense. It’s a lie, and it’s all they have. We are the good guys, and we’re going to win. Meanwhile a childless German witch sticks to the jewish script.

Mother Merkel and Father jew.


Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday said the influx of asylum seekers into Germany was part of the fallout from globalisation, which, she noted, had served Germany well in terms of exports and jobs. 

Please ignore the role that special Light of the World played in both destabilizing the Middle East and poisoning the well of White European culture, allowing this unprecedented disaster to occur. It’s just more “fallout” from “globalization,” whatever that even means. Germanistan lies in its death bed, rapidly succumbing to the radiation sickness of the cultural marxist dirty bomb.

Addressing a congress of the giant IG Metall metalworkers’ union in Frankfurt, Merkel said: “Your experience of globalisation has, until now, basically been: our economy goes into other countries, builds factories, sells products and the results are positive for German employment and business.”

Muh Economy. The destruction of your people and your nation, the rape of your daughters and murder of your sons, is a small price to pay to make already wealthy bastards slightly more wealthy. Moving factories to foreign shores is good! Just ask any ruling criminal.

“And now we’re witnessing an inverse movement: globalisation is coming to us,” the chancellor, who has thrown Germany’s doors open to hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the war in Syria, said.

Here comes the diversity, open wide! Man, that “war in Syria” sure spread like wildfire. Now it’s in Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh…

Exports from Europe’s top economy amount to over 100 billion euros ($113 billion) a month which has been a key driver of its bullish growth.

In other news we’re throwing you out of your house to make room for twenty fighting age men all named moe-ham-head.

Selling them smartphones will fix their pathological culture, religion and genetics.

“We must learn to cope with that,” Merkel said.

More needs to be done and it’s all on you, Whitey. Are you showing enough pitiful appeasement? Have you offered up your daughters? Still have testicles? Get busy, we’ve got a massive horde of violent cultural and religious aliens pouring over our border and this bull is not going to prep itself.

“We will have to accept a certain degree of legal immigration, that’s globalisation… In the era of the smartphone we cannot shut ourselves away… people know full well how we live in Europe.”

We have to do it! It’s 2015 and we have smartphones! The moose-limb knows how you live and they know how weak and feckless you are. Nations that once stopped a heavily armed Ottoman army now lay down and die for unarmed invaders.

Merkel has come under mounting criticism at home and abroad over her migrant policy but remained firm on the need to show solidarity.

I’ll be remembered as the witch that murdered Germany, but it’s worth it for a little more unearned luxury.

“For me it goes without saying that we’ll get there,” she said, while admitting the mass arrivals posed “big challenges” for Germany and Europe.

We’ll complete that slouch to the “multi-culturalism” grave, don’t you worry. Sweden might beat us, but we’ll get there.

Germany is expecting up to a million asylum seekers this year.

The enormity of this crime is difficult to even comprehend.