Germany: Cologne Authorities Do the Wristband Thing Again!

Daily Stormer
December 17, 2017

“Refugees Welcome” in theory

Just because something is retarded and doesn’t do anything, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it over and over and over and over again.


The city of Cologne has announced they will be handing out “respect” wristbands to encourage understanding between individuals on New Year’s Eve and prevent the kind of sex attacks that occurred in 2015.

That’s sure to work!

As if the subhumans flooding into Europe care, or can even read them…

The wristbands are part of a new campaign called “respect” which is sponsored by the city government and controversial Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker. Many have slammed Reker and the campaign on social media likening it to comments she made shortly after the 2015 attacks calling on women to keep men at “arm’s length”, Kronen Zeitung reports.

At a press conference, Reker said that the campaign would focus on telling people not to sexually attack others or shoot fireworks at individuals, buildings or police. The wristbands themselves are meant to inform others to be respectful when approaching the wearer and prevent potential sex attacks.

The mayor, as you may have noticed from the name, is a woman. Despite a political activist sticking a knife in her throat, she still insists on destroying her own people. This is why the men who invented democracy thousands of years ago in Greece didn’t let women vote – it was for their own sake, among other things.

It is a statistically proven fact that the more political power women have in a country on paper, the more likely women as a whole are to be raped, and the less likely their rapists are to suffer any actual punishment.

Emma Downes almost went to prison for being mean to one of the subhumans who raped and killed her sister. No feminist said a word about that either.

On social media, some users reacted to the move with scorn and criticism. One user asked the city of Cologne and Mayor Reker, “What are you doing? Is this appeasement, a gesture of submission or the self-stigmatizing of a culture that is surrendering?”

All of those + daddy issues + hollowcost education.

On New Year’s Eve around 3,000 police are expected to be on duty in Cologne as well as 400 employees from private security firms to maintain order.

And when the number of subhumans doubles – how many cops and bodyguards are you gonna need to pretend that it’s all okay?

Cologne police chief Uwe Jacob said, “We expect a similar occurrence as in the previous year,” and noted that police were prepared for drunken party-goers adding, “I do not care about the nationalities of the revellers, with all due respect. The rules apply to everyone.”

But not everyone follows the rules at the same rates. That’s kinda your problem if you haven’t noticed, you dumb fuck.

Last year the Cologne police dramatically increasedtheir presence and the level of security around the central Cathedral which led to a rapid decline of sexual and violent incidents.

Despite the decrease in the number of crimes from 2015, which saw over 1,000 incidents, police were accused of racial profiling because they labelled suspects from a migrant background “Nafris” which was seen as a slur toward North African migrants.

Did you hear, Krautcucks? The subhumans in your country are now raping and assaulting the same dumb kike-manipulated cunts that brought them in in the first place.

And when you take some minor, superficial action to make sure it happens less in one particular night when the (((media))) has no choice but to report it, all of a sudden you’re Nazis filled with mindless hatred for the skin.


The single most important factor for Europe to regain it’s freedom is for Krautland to shake off the kikes.

Without that, everything else will be much harder than it should be…

Make Germany great again!