Germany: Climate Protesters Storm Coal Mine, Fight Police

Daily Stormer
June 24, 2019

The evil POLIZEI are stopping people from saving the planet. This is a new low for Nazi Germany.


Police in western Germany are removing climate change protesters from an open-cast coalmine after hundreds of them stormed the site.

Activists broke through a police cordon on Saturday to get into the Garzweiler mine, in a campaign against fossil fuel use.

Many protesters are resisting attempts by police to clear the huge site.

Police have warned that the mine is not safe, and said some officers were hurt as they tried to hold back protesters.

Germany has vowed to go carbon neutral by 2050 but activists say this is not soon enough.

White people are worrying about some alleged Climate Apocalypse that will happen in the future while their countries are getting inundated with all kinds of browns and blacks in the present.

This is like having your house on fire and instead of putting the fire out you start doing the dishes as the flames surround you.

And of course they’re saying that going “carbon neutral” by 2050 is not enough, because they keep coming with these new “by then it would be too late” end-of-the-world predictions almost every day.

Take this news from earlier this month, for example.

Daily Mail:

Earth’s climate could irreversibly pass a tipping point by 2050 that brings about the end of civilisation if greenhouse gas emissions proceed unchecked.

Severe warnings abound in the report from an Australian climate and policy think tank, which cautions that predictions are often understated.

A drastic shift to a zero-emissions industry is called for soon if we are to avert the catastrophic climate repercussions, the authors warn.

The catastrophic chain of environmental disasters will result in widespread pandemics, forced migration, a likely nuclear war as people fight over resources and vast amounts of deaths as global temperatures soar, it predicts.

The policy paper is a product of the Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration in Melbourne, Australia, and was authored by the organisation’s research director, David Spratt, and Ian Dunlop, a former senior executive of Shell and past chair of the Australian Coal Association.

This is like when Al Gore said we’d all be under water by 2013.

Greta Thunberg, climate hero.

These people are unhinged, and the train never stops rolling.

And yet, somehow, no one is talking about manufacturing a virus to wipe out brown people.