Germany: Citizens Vote Against Refugee Center, City Does It Anyway

Daily Stormer
August 30, 2016


Man, I wish I could afford a nice place like this. Maybe I should change my name to Ahmed and move to Germany.

Isn’t democracy great?

We get to vote!

Sometimes, they even do what we voted for.

Well, not really.

But the voting part is really neat though. Good stuff.


(Through Google translate)

Refugees in Wesseling are not to be accommodated in containers, reported WDR. A corresponding referendum on Sunday failed (08/28/2026). 5628 votes would have been necessary for this, but in the end were missing around 800.

shut it down 2

Sorry goyim. I know you didn’t want to spend 6 million shekels on refugees, but we’ll still do it.

It was exciting in the town hall foyer – only after the counting of absentee ballots last there were cheers. Since it was clear refugees in Wesseling are housed in terraced houses, as it had already decided in January the Council.

The cuckold faggots cheered once they learned they’d be able to ignore the will of the people and build a refugee center out of the city’s coffers.

Let that sink in.


Hurray! We can plunder our fellow citizens to house hostile foreigners!

In just a few weeks could be started with the construction of the first of 28 terraced houses, said Mayor Erwin Esser. A total of 300 such refugees are housed in Wesseling. The costs amount to 5.7 million euros.

A citizens’ initiative was too expensive, so they wanted to achieve with the referendum that the city instead of houses builds flexible container. She had collected more than 3,400 votes in this referendum.

The article is being coy, so let’s do the math here.

5,628 votes are necessary for the referendum to be considered valid.

800 were missing. That means 4,828 people voted that day.

3,400 people voted against the building of the expensive housing, preferring instead to house the refugees in containers (lol).

3,400/4,828 is 70%. An overwhelming majority.

Also, 5.7 million Euros (about $6.4 million USD) is a huge amount of money for a small town like this. This will definitely mean great sacrifices for the people of this town. And all this for 300 third-world primitives.


They ain’t no kangz. But we’re treating them like kangz anyway.

This is why democracy must be abolished. Even the dumb notion that the average person should have a say in how the country is managed is a obvious hoax – the will of the people is ignored completely in every democratic country around the world.

We don’t need unaccountable bureaucrats managing the nation. We need the best, the brightest and strongest men to take responsibility and implement the true will of the nation.