Germany: Chemnitz Football Team Attacks Their Own Fans for Meanchanting

Daily Stormer
August 26, 2019

You know, I’m not much of a businessman, but I’m pretty sure actively pissing off your paying customers – and even trying to get them arrested – is not really good for the bottom line.

But these people don’t seem to care about that anymore.

Deutsche Welle:

Chemnitz FC has threatened to consider legal action after its own fans chanted anti-Semitic slogans at a Munich away game. The club is in a running conflict with the far-right contingent among its supporters.

Players of the Chemnitz football team did not offer their fans the traditional applause at the end of their third division match against Bayern Munich’s second team on Saturday, after racist chants were heard during the game.

“The reason for this was expressions from the away end during the second half of the game, which Chemnitz FC (CFC) and all its active participants considers repulsive and utterly rejects,” the club said in a statement issued on Saturday evening.

By legal action, I assume they mean identifying them and having the police arrest them.

Because Germany has freedoms and stuff, hence why you can get arrested for yelling at a football match.

During the game, CFC fans also hung out a banner reading “We won’t let ourselves be blackmailed!”

According to the club’s statement, fans called CFC sporting director Thomas Sobotzik a “Jewish pig” and chanted “At least Daniel Frahn is not a negro.” Sobotzik sacked Frahn, the team captain, earlier this month after he repeatedly showed support for the local far-right hooligan group.

The fans’ chants “cannot have any acceptance in our society,” the club’s statement said, before adding that CFC was considering legal action against the fans.

If I owned a football club, I’d give this Frahn guy a job.

He seems pretty competent for a striker from a third division team.

CFC has been in a running conflict with the far-right section of its supporters for several months, with some fans turning their back on the club as the far-right hooligan presence increased.

During a match in March, fans held a minute’s silence and displayed a banner in honor of Thomas Haller, a local far-right leader and former head of the club’s security firm. In the early 1990s, he founded the hooligan group HooNaRa, short for “Hooligans Nazis Racists.”

It was during the same match that Frahn celebrated scoring a goal by holding up a T-shirt that read “Support your local hools!” He was given a warning on that occasion, as well as a four-game suspension and a €3,000 ($3,300) fine by the league authority, but was finally sacked by the club in August when he was seen socializing with hooligans after a league game.

So they kicked him out just for talking to them?

Some 1,000 people attended Haller’s funeral, under heavy police supervision, though there was little trouble.

Chemnitz Mayor Barbara Ludwig, a favorite target of the city’s far-right scene, demanded an investigation into how the memorial action during the game came about.

Of course it’s a woman.

All of Europe is living under the tyranny of childless whores mindlessly following Shlomo’s orders.

It was also the scene of major far-right demos in September 2018 following the killing of a local man during a fight with asylum-seekers. A young Syrian was convicted of manslaughter this week for the crime.

The Syrian child refugee got only 9 years for that murder, and he’s probably gonna be out in less than that, which I’m sure will piss people off even more.

I’m sure that politicians and journalists were shocked that people don’t like being stabbed by invaders.

The nerve of these neo-Nazis, amirite?