Germany: Chancellor Mer-Dog Pretending to be Tough on Turkey in Reelection Bid

Daily Stormer
July 29, 2017

Nobody’s buying it, you dog-faced hag!

After having spent her entire term betraying the German people and bending over backwards to accommodate Turkey’s president Erdogan, the communist whore who, for some reason, is the chancellor of Germany is now making token gestures of defiance against the Sultan.

Could this be related to the fact that the German federal elections are coming up in September?



Germany and Turkey have deep ties, with millions of ethnic Turks living in Germany, millions of Germans flocking to Turkey’s beaches and historic cities, and almost 7,000 German companies—from giants such as Deutsche Bank, Siemens, and Volkswagen to tiny importers of textiles and food—doing business there. Add it all up, and trade between the two tops $36 billion a year.

Why the hell are there millions of these people in Germany?

But an escalating war of words over democratic values has strained those ties. After a year and a half of tension, the relationship between the two NATO allies reached an apparent breaking point in late July after Turkey detained a group of human-rights activists, including Peter Steudtner, a German national. Chancellor Angela Merkel was uncharacteristically blunt in response, denouncing the move as “absolutely unjustified.” German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, with Merkel’s blessing, announced a “reorientation” of relations between the countries, warning German companies about doing business in Turkey and cautioning German travelers about visiting. That prompted a denunciation from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who called Germany’s actions “unforgivable” and suggested that some form of retaliation might be coming. With these accusations flying, it was revealed that Germany’s federal police had received a list of 678 German companies suspected by Turkey of supporting terrorism, which officials dismissed out of hand.

She wanted to stand up to Erdogan, but he countered her by petting her head and calling her a “good boy,” shifting the balance of power back in his favor.

While relations between the two are arguably at their lowest point of the postwar era, both sides have a lot to lose by letting them deteriorate. Merkel needs Erdogan’s help to keep the flow of refugees into Germany in check, and the Turkish president relies on Germany, his country’s largest trading partner, for tourist visits and as a market for its exports.

Nobody needs Turkey to do anything.

This whole migrant crisis could have been avoided by simply not inviting them all to flood Germany in the first place.

Barring that, the crisis could be stopped instantly by simply machine-gunning the invaders down as they cross the border.

This is not rocket science, folks.

Or, alternatively, by housing the “refugees” in internment camps and feeding them only rice and water, with no WiFi or prostitutes.

There’s basically infinity ways the problem could be resolved quickly and cheaply without the help of Turkey.

This whole “confrontation” is nothing but a transparent ploy to improve Merkel’s image for the upcoming election. As cucked as the Germans might be, I doubt they appreciate the fact that their leader danced to a third world leader’s every whim, arresting comedians because they insulted his honor and other such nonsense.

You can be sure that this new-found defiant attitude will melt-away as soon as the bitch is reelected.