Germany: Cathedral Subjected to Knife Rampage by Syrian Child

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2018

Regardless on your opinions on Christianity, it is viewed as the White man’s religion.

Cathedrals are also some of the most magnificent buildings ever constructed by Europeans.

Attacks on either of these things are direct attacks on European culture and the white race – whether or not the victims recognize it as such.


A ‘RAMPAGING’ knifeman has been shot by German police at Berlin Cathedral and the area was put on lockdown this afternoon.

A police officer was also hit by a stray bullet during the incident, which took place at around 4pm local time.

Video footage posted on social media showed armed policemen cordoning off the area around the cathedral.

Two ambulances were parked at its entrance, a popular tourist attraction in the German capital.

Berlin Police tweeted the man had been “rampaging” inside the cathedral and was shot in the legs.