Germany: British Woman Investigated for Denying Kooky Fake Shower Room Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 19, 2018

An innocent Jew has no idea what is going to happen next. The poor dear. 

Germany will even prosecute foreigners for not believing in their idiotic fake shower room hoax!

The Independent:

German police are investigating a British woman for suspected incitement after she questioned the Holocaust during a far-right protest in the eastern city of Dresden.

A spokeswoman for Dresden police says Australian-born Michele Renouf is one of two people being investigated for remarks made at a neo-Nazi rally Saturday commemorating those killed in the 1945 Allied bombing of the city.

Videos of the rally posted online show Renouf saying the only Holocaust perpetrated in Europe was against German civilians. Publicly denying the Nazis’ well-documented murder of six million Jews is a criminal offence in Germany.

Let us ask ourselves, from the perspective of a true believer in the Holocaust: why does it need to be illegal to question it or to investigate it?

Surely, if it is so clear that it happened, anyone who questions it is simply making a fool of themselves, no?

If someone denied say, the Bolshevik Revolution (which resulted in the deaths of millions), would anyone claim they deserved to be thrown in prison for it?

Let’s take it down to a smaller level – what if someone denied the Columbine massacre?

Would that be a threat to society?

What if your brother had been murdered, and someone said “no, he wasn’t murdered, he’s still alive” – would you be outraged by that, or would you just say “oh, this person must have something wrong with him”?

The entire concept of making historical research illegal is completely insane. There is no precedent for it and there is not even any logical explanation for why it makes sense as a concept.

From any objective position, the only reason that you would make it illegal to deny the Holocaust is that you do not want it investigated. And the only reason you would not want it investigated is because it did not actually happen.

That is to say: Holocaust denial laws are in themselves proof that this entire stupid hoax is a stupid hoax.