Germany: Borders Still Open for Rapefugees!

Daily Stormer
March 24, 2020

Merkel must have heard about how Sweden is still allowing in Syrian child refugees from Africa and Afghanistan, and decided her country isn’t getting outsweded by anybody, not even by actual Swedes.

Free West Media:

The Federal Ministry of the Interior told Berlin weekly Junge Freiheit that here are exceptions for goods traffic and commutersand for asylum seekers.

Germany has been manning its borders with France, Switzerland and Luxembourg since the beginning of the week. No other EU member can enter the country without good reason, but asylum seekers are still welcome.

This means that if a migrant travels to France or Switzerland via Italy, for example, and reaches the German border, he only needs to apply for asylum and is allowed to go to Germany to start the procedure.

They have de facto banned White people from entering Germany, while letting so-called asylum seekers just waltz in.

That might sound moronic to some people, but you have to remember the Krauts have all those millions of Jews masturbated to death that they have to atone for.

And of course, since Germany doesn’t have a border with Africa or Afghanistan – not yet anyway – all of these invaders have to pass through Italy, and Switzerland, and France, and Serbia, and Greece…

So if you’re still gonna let the rapefugees in like this, what’s even the point of banning anyone at all?

This only makes sense if you want to make Germany more non-White than it already is.

French or Italians, on the other hand, who have no permanent residence in Germany or work there, are rejected at the border and returned. This was confirmed by a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior when asked by the JF.

“At the German EU external borders (airports and seaports) there has been no change in the previous procedure. This also applies to the internal Schengen borders,” she said when asked whether asylum seekers were still admitted to Germany.

Just letting rapefugees in automatically makes any other measures you take completely pointless.

But there is good news coming out of Krautstan too – Merkel herself has gone into quarantine, after her doctor was diagnosed positive. She may well have it herself.

If Coronachan rids us of this awful hag, it would be the best thing to happen to Europe in years.

Fingers crossed…