Germany: Bild Takes YouTube to Court for Censoring Coronavirus Discussions

Why would these people think they have free speech on the internet?

I don’t understand.

It’s been made very clear that the United States is a limited libertarian and anarcho-capitalist state when it comes to the internet, and that private companies can do whatever they want. None of the attempts to sue these tech companies for violating European laws have been successful.


YouTube censorship of Covid-19 debate is a “dangerous encroachment” on the freedom of speech, an editor at leading German tabloid Bild has said, after the platform deleted two videos of an online debate on the pandemic.

The preliminary injunction was issued by the Cologne Regional Court in response to a legal challenge filed by the people behind the #allesaufdentisch (#EverythingOnTheTable) online campaign. It’s basically a collection of interviews with various experts and public figures about the Covid-19 pandemic that the initiators touted as a “wide-ranging, fact-based, open and factual discourse” on their website. Some of them challenged the government handling of the pandemic and raised all sorts of controversial vaccine-related issues.

YouTube found two of those interviews unfit for its hosting and erased them. The flagged videos showed discussions with mathematics professor Stephan Luckhaus and the neurobiologist Gerald Huther. The court called YouTube’s move “unjustified”, saying that the platform failed to explain which exact parts of the interviews it deemed in violation of its community rules for health-related content, according to German media.

The explanation of why the videos were deleted was kept pretty vague, claiming that some opinions about the vaccination against Covid-19 went against the scientific consensus. Overall, the videos contained “a large number of clearly permissible statements”, the court said, which gave credence to the plaintiffs’ argument that YouTube had unfairly restricted their freedom of expression. The injunction said the court decision can be appealed.

The #allesaufdentisch campaign was launched in late September and was considered a spiritual successor of a similar #allesdichtmachen (#CloseEverythig) anti-lockdown online movement, which tilted more to satirical content.

Critics say the newer interviews are a mixture of justified criticism, trivialities and “targeted disinformation”, as the daily Die Zeit described it. But many people believe the public deserves the right to see those opinions and judge their validity for themselves, without interference from American tech giants.

Jan Schafer, the political director of the influential German tabloid Bild, hailed the court’s decision, calling YouTube’s increasingly broad use of censorship a “dangerous encroachment” on public discourse in Germany.

Something similar happened in 2019 and 2020 when the Europeans were complaining about “illegal content” on Facebook. Basically the reverse of this.

Earlier this year, Germany told Facebook to reinstate deleted racist comments because users were not properly warned.

This stuff has been happening for years. There is no way for Europe to influence these tech companies. All they can do is hope that they will do more banning. They’re definitely not going to do less banning.

If countries care about controlling their own speech, they have to block access to these tech companies, as Nigeria has done. Banning these companies completely is the single way to protect freedom of speech in your country – or, as is usually the case with Europe, protect your own censorship laws.

I don’t support any of Europe’s kook censorship laws, but I would support them banning these tech companies for any reason. These companies are totally out of control, and they are controlling the thoughts of the entire world. They’re controlling the political process in Africa now, and inciting weird feminist revolutions in Southeast Asia.

Everyone should ban these companies, rather than complain about them like that is going to do something.

But not even Russia will ban these companies.

It’s just really wacky.

For those wondering – yes, I have looked into some of the German dialogue on the virus hoax and the deadly vaccines. Like most things in Germany, it’s basically just a reflection of what is going on in the United States. You have the aggressive lunatic mainstream narrative, then you have an alternative movement questioning the mainstream which is made up of both mainstream people and more fringe conspiracy or new agey type people.

The one difference in Germany is that the narrative is not quite so aggressively enforced, and you can end up with things like Bild, one of the country’s biggest papers, allowing for some questioning voices to get through. Although I guess that is really no different than the questions that get through on Fox News. So maybe it is all exactly the same.

Now is where I would normally post a few of the videos from Germany that I’ve found interesting.

But, uh…

I guess this is time for me to learn more about how Odysee works, huh?

So, I guess we can…

Let’s see here…

Okay, well. I’m not posting that.

I’m not saying that I’m 100% sure that these vaccines don’t contain mind-control nanobots or whatever. But I think there are better things to talk about.

Here’s a video of an MEP in Germany taking the stage at the EU to just lay out some basic facts as regards the health effects of these vaccines.

Anyway, with the nanobot stuff, combined with this guy just laying out the basics about the side effects, you get the point I was trying to make – it’s the same conversation as in the US.

As far as Bild, Odysee does have this video of them apologizing for scaring children on purpose over the coronavirus, and admits that it doesn’t actually affect children.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a copy of that with subtitles. There is one on BitChute.

I assume it’s also on Odysee, but I’m having a hard time using their search engine. It returns too many unrelated results.

To be fair, the YouTube search engine doesn’t work at all anymore either. It’s not really even a search engine. They just suggest things that maybe you’ll like based on your cookies.

However, with YouTube, you can still go to Google, and type “ [query].” You can’t do that with Odysee, because the site is not fully indexed by Google.

Internet censorship is so absurd. I’m just so sick of this crap.

It’s exhausting and it’s ridiculous.

I was taught as a child that it is good to ask questions and do your own research. We were all taught that. Now we’re told that we just need to shut up and accept whatever authority says.