Germany Bans Singing in Churches – Masses to Fall Silent in Honor of Beast Decree

If this is not the line that has to be crossed for people to begin civil disobedience, and if it has not already been crossed, then there is no such line.

They are already telling people what sex positions to use – so, what’s next? We could have daily mandatory anal probing, and it would be less intrusive than this if we were otherwise allowed to work, travel and gather together.

The one thing we can be thankful for is that the masses are not yet asking people to sacrifice their first-born sons. But the forced vaccine coming down the pipeline could brain damage or sterilize their children, and most of them will probably line up to get their kids injected. So, they will do that, too.

What can even be said, at this point? I tried to warn you, you didn’t listen, you get what you deserve, etc.

Daily Mail:

German authorities are warning against singing and several states have banned it from church services over fears it spreads the coronavirus. 

The transmission of the virus is not yet fully understood, but anecdotal evidence has been enough to convince German authorities that singing is a risky activity. 

In recommendations for the resumption of church services, the federal government stated that singing should be avoided ‘because of the increased production of potentially infectious droplets, which can be spread over greater distances’.

Several states have heeded the advice and banned singing from services. 

There is also some scientific evidence to suggest that singing produces especially high numbers of potentially infectious micro-particles.

According to a study published in the Nature journal in 2019, saying ‘aah’ for 30 seconds produces twice as many such particles as 30 seconds of coughing.

At the Church of the Twelve Apostles in Berlin’s Schoeneberg district, there have been no choir rehearsals since early March.

Soprano Heike Benda-Blanck, 59, has been singing there for 10 years. ‘I do miss it,’ she said. ‘You can still sing in the shower but it’s not the same.’

The institute published updated guidelines this week that include limiting the number of people in the room and the length of rehearsals.

‘This is a work in progress,’ Richter said. ‘Of course singers want clear statements, black and white, but then you have to say, maybe we don’t know yet.’

In proposals to the authorities, Germany’s Catholic Church has endorsed ‘quiet singing’ in services, as well as restricting numbers. By contrast, the Protestant Church continues to advise a complete ban. 

I try to avoid waxing religious whenever possible. I do not consider myself to be an exemplary religious person, and I associate preaching with virtue signaling and with weird, pushy and politically inert people. So many of us have been demoralized and alienated, and it’s okay to admit it.

In the end, each one of us must find his own way out of demoralization. I am looking for this every day that I write for this site, and I cannot help you – you must help yourself. Or don’t.

But, I don’t know any other way to talk about this seriously.

Christians are now being told to turn their backs on Christ.

Their unbroken tradition is to sing in praise, and their scriptures instruct them to do this in multiple places. This is one of the most frequent themes of scripture, and until now, largely taken for granted.

Now, they are told to be silent, and most of them will comply. (“Because of the flu.”)

If an entire nation turns its back on God and falls silent, they should not be surprised by what comes next. This system cannot be forced on anyone. It must be accepted freely.

People have their choice to make, and it will have consequences, and they will have to live with those consequences. There will be nothing that anyone can do for them.

Most will accept this, because they are in love with transitory things, and they fear losing what must always be lost. All I can tell you is that life is a game.

No matter how you play, it is soon over, and the score is tallied.

So if you have been demoralized, it’s okay. We have all been demoralized. This was done to us on purpose by our enemies.

You are one point of consciousness (information, form) flooded with sensory stimuli beyond your control, and there is no way to know, by looking outward into the instant signal (formation, matter) whether or not you will – for great lack of better terms –  have your process spun back up when your physical form expires, have your logs reviewed by the system administrator, and be evaluated for preservation or deletion.

This could only be known by looking inwards and only you can do that for yourself.

My best advice to you, if you cannot believe, is to pray to a God who you do not know is there, and if you have no faith in your own salvation, then sing for the mercy you may not receive.

See if this hurts you or if it heals you, and find your own peace. Times are changing swiftly, and like it or not, we will each soon find out what we are made of.