Germany: Authorities Shut Down Flood Sirens Right Before the Floods Hit

This will finally stop global warming – once and for all.

Free West Media:

The flood disaster in Germany is being blamed by the mainstream on the “climate”. But human lives were deliberately endangered and sacrificed for that end, it appears.

As t-online noted: “The sirens did not go off for a reason. […] If we had triggered the sirens while the media wasn’t reporting, everyone would have called 112.” It was feared that the inquiries would paralyze the emergency number. The siren alarm can “only be triggered hand in hand with media coverage,” explained an official, referring to the late and much criticized reporting by WDR on the night of the flood. “Otherwise the alarm would cause panic.”

As a further reason for the lack of sounding the alarm, the official admitted: “Nobody expected it to take on such proportions.” Thus the sirens were deliberately not triggered to avoid panic among the population.

But arguably, people need to “panic” to flee for their own safety. Or would they rather have people drown “calmly”?

Usually journalists criticize politicians, but at the federal press conference politicians were furious because Germans on social media had dared to criticize the fact that the government was poorly prepared after the flood disaster and had no answer to important questions about the safety of citizens.

But anyone who has a highly paid spokesman post in a federal ministry and appears in front of the press, must expect some criticism.

Notably, there were no differences between the main political actors at the press conference with Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) in Berlin. Above all, the SPD candidate for chancellor never left any doubts as to what the cause of the floods were: It was “obviously a consequence of man-made climate change”.

Everybody with half a brain always assumed that the reason this cow fart conspiracy caught on so fast with politicians is that they can blame basically anything on it, including their own incompetence.

Them actively making disasters worse in order to push the cow fart narrative though… that’s hardcore.

But maybe we should ignore this, and focus on more important things?